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Oct 28, 2021
I can't deposit money into my video slot account. I was in Ontario for a visit and given new rules for Ontario, my account was blocked. Now that I'm back home in BC Canada, I'm still not able to deposit. I get a black blank screen when I click on deposit. I've chatted with 3 or 4 reps who confirm my ip address says I'm in BC and they also confirmed there is no block on my account. They keep telling me they escalated the problem to support but yet i have heard nothing. Any ideas how to fix my problem? Better yet, anyone recommend a new casino I could try out?

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As they have confirmed no block on the account I would try clearing the cache and cookies on all browsers/devices that you've logged in with.
Still not working. No follow up from anyone. Tired of waiting without any feedback. I think a week is plenty of time. Probably close my account.

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