Videoslots withdrawl denied and Account blocked.


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Apr 27, 2009
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if youre referring into devolving into admonishments and bannings, most of it probably simply comes down to either not being arsed to read the ToS, or being flippant enough to disregard them.
if you mean devolving into what we do, the immature bantering..that's just for brevity to lighten the mood and reminders that the rest of us are here to respect the staff and enjoy the forum and learn a few tricks and generaly chill :D
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Dec 18, 2014
Fix me if I'm wrong @ Team.videoslots, but the reason why I blocked is in my opinion that a friend is blocked over the same IP address. I've read through the terms and conditions with a lawyer and this saw this as the only way.
But you will be disappointed by your service and no clear answers, that remains a mystery.

By the way, video slots violate their own rules. See term 1.4.3.

EDIT: Ooops, only realized after my post that the OP has been banned. :oops:

No, the "friend" had moved house since executing the SE at Videoslots, so it can't be a "same IP address" problem. Tell that your fancy lawyer.

Below the screenshot from the German forum showing the post from the "friend".

Translation: "In the meantime, I moved and changed my internet provider, hence, it wasn't the same IP."


Plus, you claim that they violate term 1.4.3, which clearly says that any funds will be remitted only to the person who is the account holder. And only if there is no AML investigation. It has not been proven that OP and account holder are the same person. So yet again, no proof that VS is violating any terms.

@Team.Videoslots : Terrible translation, really bad. Can't you have a proper German writer/translator go over it instead of using Google translate? (hint: I could do it for you)