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Sep 1, 2022
Hello I win pretty big amount 77.050 € and im waiting for withrwqal from 4th august. Before I won couple of times 10k € on Videoslots and mrvegas and was never problem before with payout the money always takes few min. They ask to verify SOW, I send them what they want every time when they ask I make complain to them and everything was finished 12th September. They send email that everything is approved and they just make manual withrwal into my account but I never ask for it always money was send to my visa. Anyway my money should be on my account after 5 days, so its should be 19th September because of weekend. After this I send then an email and they again ask for bank statement from 12th until 19th so I send them. And now some pspb department is checking the case. Anybody have something like me? Can I complain to MGA because I already complain to them that withrwal takes so long.

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I dont know why i cant send you private message But I Think that you dont have so much People who is waiting for 77 050 001 Eur
Hi @jose_murinho

Unfortunately no update yet. We have been in contact with the payment provider. Your withdrawa was stopped due to a security check by the payment provider due to the high amount. We have provided everything to them to ensure that the payment is released as soon as possible.

You should receive confirmation soon.

Kind regards,
Team Videoslots
Hi @jose_murinho

Unfortunately, I have no definite answer to that.

But what I can tell is that our payment department has approved the payment and, to my understanding, the payment provider has done that, also.

Please, note that normal transaction times applies to the payment, so, you should expect to receive the funds within 5 business days. Most likely sooner.

In any case, if there's any issues, please do contact us.

Kind regards,
Team Videoslots
Award winning Videoslots is reviewed by Casinomeister

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