Whine and Moan Videoslots Stuck slot - Dragonlore

Bryan Llewellyn

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Jul 17, 2015
Before i explain the problem here Im not blaming videoslots for this issue It just feels like its taking so long to resolve an issue that should have been resolved by now. The issue in question is with the slot dragonlore on the videoslots site its created by bulletproof games and being hosted on there by leander. While playing the slot it gave me a bonus which played out fully and then showed the amount as 22.60 however right after it counted up the win it spun the reels one last time and the 5th reel got stuck whioch in turn greyed out the spin button etc. now the slot just wont payout the win. In videoslots defence they forwarded the problem to the provider but that was last friday this has nearly been a week and still no resolve.. Videoslots have said the issue is known and im not the only one that its happened to but that does'nt help considering they have stated that the provider has not updated videoslots as to the situation. I will link the video here to show whats happened but like i said its not videoslots fault that this has happened I just don't get how long this problem should be allowed to run on for before something is done. Consequently I had an email from the managing director - ceo of bulletproof games state that the problem lies with the support of videoslots.

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