Videoslots Source of Wealth - how long?

Oscar Arnhem

Senior Member
Jan 15, 2017
After playing for years on VS,(compleet verified)i got a email last sunday to send my documents again

Send a pm to support on Casinomeister ,that i dont send in my documents again and please close my account.

this is what i have deposit the last 3 months (22.697€)so they are losing a good customor i think

Btw this was the reason to send my details again.

Hi Oscar,

Thank you for reaching out.

A technical error in firmware during a recommended upgrade affected two hard disks with documents uploaded by part of our customers during a certain time period. The upgrade was done to ensure high-level security and no unauthorized third-party access occurred. While the hard disks are being recovered, this incident has been reported. In the meantime, the affected customers are being requested to upload the affected documents again to ensure KYC documents are in order.

Very sorry for any inconvenience. Let me know if we can assist you.

Kind regards,
Team Videoslots

Just got a Pm,no need to send in documents problem solved LOL
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Apr 10, 2021
Hi I'm going thru simular situation iv been fully approved verified including wealth check for ages and still am but now all of sudden they want bank statements which I sent still no response I can still deposit but withdrawal still pending no ones responding customer support live char say hands tied I don't no what's made this happen not like I changed my deposit amounts or anything