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Software Complaint VIDEOSLOTS software issue

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by SpinToWin, Jun 1, 2016.

    Jun 1, 2016
  1. SpinToWin

    SpinToWin Newbie member

    Ebay and Poker
    It makes me really sad that a well respected online casino such as Videoslots.com uses what I think is cheating software.

    The issue
    I was playing one of their slot tournaments,the guns and roses slot and found it really nice that the random idol feature triggered often.
    So I decided to play it out of the tournament section because I loved the random bonus. 100 spins,no random feature kinda odd...
    1000 spins,no feature WTF!?

    I noticed this with other slots,you play it in free play or in tournaments and then when you play it out of the tournaments or free play some things NEVER trigger.

    Videoslots.com may not be aware of it I don't know...Have a try for yourself and you will see what I mean.
  2. Jun 1, 2016
  3. dionysus

    dionysus can turn wine into water CAG MM

    I'm a Canucklehead
    We have, it's random, chit happens. ps, we can read the standard font just okely-dokely :)
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  4. Jun 1, 2016
  5. RichyJ75

    RichyJ75 Silly Member PABnonaccred

    Dogsbody and personal servant to my kids
    United Kingdom
    As above, it is random and the casino do not control the output of the slots as they are provided by NetEnt, Microgaming, etc. Some days on Immortal Romance I have hit 4 Wild Desires in less than 80 spins, other days it takes 100's of spins before it could potentially trigger.

    Bit bold 'thinking' it is cheating software after a bad run. Many of us here play at Videoslots and just take it on the chin if/when we lose. However, there are many of us here who have won big there.
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  6. Jun 1, 2016
  7. mina1929

    mina1929 Senior Member

    Food Catering
    Not Video Slots never ever!! It is a well respected Casino and to say they're using cheating software is not nice or cool.

    Sorry but I am a big fan of Video Slots and I am sticking by them. :)
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  8. Jun 1, 2016
  9. PaaskeDenmark

    PaaskeDenmark Always think positive CAG PABnoaccred webmeister

    Clerk with shipping discounts worldwide
    Youre bit of a fool making a title like that and throwing videoslots trough this??? You might as well try some other casinos then and try same slot in fun mode then try it in real play. Will work out just the same.

    If there is someone you can complain about then yes its THE "Software" which is NOT videoslots. It is Net Entertainment who are the "Software Provider".

    So go ahead my friend and take the battle up with Net Entertainment :thumbsup:

    PS said before but slots are random and always will. Or should I say different they are not really random as in the end they will take all your money! And sometimes maybe payout a bit you can lose all back.
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  10. Jun 1, 2016
  11. MrSilver

    MrSilver Experienced Member webby MM

    Writer, Blogger, Video reviewer, Casino critique a
    Dans un Casino près de chez vous...
    Paaske is right, Your title should be "Software Complaint NetEnt software issue!" Videoslots has nothing to do with this. :rolleyes:

    Please change it.
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  12. Jun 1, 2016
  13. interlog

    interlog Senior Member MM webmeister

    If the OP was right, then I certainly would have won more often and more decent in the tournaments. But that is not the case. Actually, I find most of the times that slots in the tournaments play worse than real play for me!!!
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  14. Jun 1, 2016
  15. Harry_BKK

    Harry_BKK Meister Member CAG mm1

    job is OK
    My last 3 VS tournies..... 'nuff said :eek: :rolleyes: :D

    And just now - Fruit Shop 100FS tournie result: 365 points, good enough for being last :rolleyes:

    Repeat myself now: Don't gamble if you can't take a loss!!!!

    VIDEOSLOTS software issue: Capture 521.PNG,Jun 1, 2016
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  16. Jun 3, 2016
  17. spintee

    spintee Meister Member webby mm2

    gambler :)
    If that was the case than saying cheating is abit harsh but if I ever found out casino done that than they get more than harsh words, But if it was true than I guess you could call it that, Like its been pointed out its the games provider that sets the out come and not the casino, Unless of course a casino is using fake games and rigging them themselves,

    I am 99.9% sure even if a casino found this to be true they would have something to say, Videoslots would be one of the first to remove the games I can tell you, A few years ago this may of been true in some casino's and I remember casino used to say that playing in demo mode will play different than real, Something along them lines,

    But in this day and age especially with the the U.K gaming Commission it just does not happen, All that did happen is you got abit lucky, I have logged into games and whiten 10 spins had big wins, a couple of free spins rounds, Its the way the reels spin in this game,

    I just feel sorry for the poor sod's that get introduced to on-line casino's and take there first 50 free spins on starburst and win big, As there be chasing another big win for ever
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  18. Jun 3, 2016
  19. goatwack

    goatwack Brings The Ruckus To The Ladies CAG

    In regards to the OP, I briefly donned the tinfoil myself when I got four bonus rounds on Jack and the Beanstalk within 100 spins. But then I realized 'normal service was resumed' when they all turned out to be shit.

    I have won one tourney in about 30, so I can't complain. To call out Videoslots makes no sense as - once again - casinos have no control over gameplay. If anyone is rigging the games, it's Netent themselves!! :eek:
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  20. Jun 4, 2016
  21. Dan.Videoslots

    Dan.Videoslots Dormant account

    Games Manager
    Hi all,

    I just want to confirm that we can not control the outcome from a spin in Battle of Slots our outside Battle of Slots. Everything is random, and the results come straight from the NetEnt servers so it's only the RNG that decides when a bonus will be triggered or not.

    I hope you guys will have a great night and weekend.


  22. Jun 4, 2016
  23. hedgehok

    hedgehok Meister Member mm3

    Are you still in the office? Amazing!
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  24. Jun 4, 2016
  25. PaaskeDenmark

    PaaskeDenmark Always think positive CAG PABnoaccred webmeister

    Clerk with shipping discounts worldwide
    No way he is on the local bar with his smart phone :p:D:drink:
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  26. Jun 4, 2016
  27. Steviedoo

    Steviedoo Senior Member

    I love videoslots....
  28. Jun 5, 2016
  29. BrianGhattas

    BrianGhattas Where's My Handpay?!?

    Ottawa, Ontario
    Video Slots Online has no control over the machines. They simply provide the platform for them. If you have a complaint, go to Yggdrasil, Playtech, Microgaming or whomever you have issues with. VSO has done nothing wrong, ever, in my eyes.

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