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Dec 1, 2017
So i was playing rise of olympus and it did a nose dive, so did go and check what my rtp was on the session.

When i was there i did see that my biggest RTP was on victoriuos, i never play that game so i got curious.

First pic is all my spins i have played on the game.


My RTP is 3209% and hit rate 12,5/10..... hmmm

P ic nr 2 shows the best session i hade on it.


2746% and only 4 spins, but when you check the spins it repeat it self, time after time.

After this i check next BIG RTP game .....

Its Iron girl with just a tiny 24860% rtp ;)


Same here again.. it repeats the stats.


The question is can we trust the RTP calculator overall? Or is this just a "clitch" that is not calculated to my RTP ?

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How do you explain that i have 4 spins on victoriuos. 2 Dead spins and 2 win spins. one 4€ and one 23,46€. And it repeat the spins over and over again?
Or iron girl where there is just 1 spin on 0.20 that gives 3,47€ that is 1735% rtp? These are not free spins.

But no need to ask stupid questions, just push the button. And be a happy monkey.

Hi there @spiker1977,

The RTP page is very accurate but just as nikantw said if you have only played free spins which did not cost you anything in a game the results might look a bit strange. If there is something specific you want us to take a deeper look at please e-mail your username to and we'll investigate.

Best regards,
Team Videoslots.

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