Videoslots presents an exclusive MyRTP promotion for Casinomeister members!

Hello Everybody,

I am happy to announce the winners for last week’s My RTP Promotion:

Winning Screenshots:
1. Smart_Croatia – 212.13x
2. Mellody – 200.80x
3. Nikantw – 188.09x

Lowest RTP screenshots:
Sueyh – 51.11
Chipkin9 – 48.69
Reelsoffun – 43.17
Mariafbb - 60.20

Thank you to everyone that participated, I will contact all the winners via PM and your accounts should be credited within the next few working days.

Team Videoslots.

ty so much @Team.Videoslots , this is my first ever win on CM, cheers, and gg to other winners
Thanks VS for the prize!
I was not doing so good, this is what it looked like with my last €11 left from the €100


Next 2 spins, nothing, and then boom! FS, not so good but then a few spins later booom! FS again, almost 10 times better!
Rest of the spins dead (although I did get FS again) and I did more than I needed but I can't complain

Ummmm... thought I had this one in the bag lol!! Here's my lowbie.. may have another go today, a brief break from the sng's..
Hard to be left in 4th place by a last min entry although you had 285 RTP!
But comp ended at 10:00 GMT today, so play the game if you like, the way you like it.
No point to chace the RTP now that comp is closed.
Ha... typical me! No worries though I do kinda like JJ, Well done to all the winners, Good Luck on the next one ;)

My run of bad luck! surely It's close to turning around.

Week 1, my £20 didn't hit 250 spins.
Missed out on a lowest place prize in week 2 by 0.4.
This week i couldn't reach the 250 spins with available funds but would have placed nicely in the bottom few if the run had continued.

Well done to all winners and thanks again for the comp VS x
Hello everyone,

Here we have the winners from this weeks promotion!

Winning Screenshots:

1. Pinnit2014 --- 815.25%
2. Nikantw --- 408.64%
3. Tengil --- 366.14%

Lowest RTP Screenshots:

1. ESCJamie --- 35.64%
2. sueyh --- 48.49%
3. Smart_Croatia --- 57.77%
4. Geordiecolin --- 88.92%

These winners will mark the end of our exclusive Casinomeister My RTP promotion and we would like to extend a thank you to all members posting screenshots and taking part of the fun. There has been a lot of feedback and we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has taken part of that as well, sharing opinions and experiences is part of what makes this community so great.

We hope to be able to provide something new in the future and, hopefully, we can find a balance between catering to the existing community and help entice a new generation of Casinomeisters to add new voices to the discussions happening here.

Best regards,
Team Videoslots.
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