Videoslots -open real case against them

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Nov 18, 2019
Ok guys i need a power of all people that like me believe in videoslots and therefore that fact they managed to persuade as.
They think all the people are stupid or what
I don't want any more a complaint against them i want a case because they still our money, waist our time, knowingly abusing our trust in them.
If they decide to cooperate and give back the money that pending in our accounts any of you can decide if will stop the case after refund or go further in the proces against them. If they don't want to cooperate they will have to return our money anyway but than we must report all our case to the police , and i am afraid that we will have a real explosion of cases from many players and many sites.
We can do this and i want you to share this post as much as you can. Wrote the amount or in wich way you thing videoslots use your money and trust you have in them
They refuse to pay me 3.000,00 USD , and use the trust i have in them.
Ahhh, The penny drops, Having read your post for the 5th or 6th time, I THINK I have the gist of what you are asking of us here.

I trust them 100% and on my lucky days, they've paid me every withdrawal I've ever requested from them. I lose, I lose, I win they pay me, simple

Trust me, there are many, many far worse sites about
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