VIDEOSLOTS: Neosurf deposit didn’t load


Newbie member
May 14, 2017
Black Hole Sun
:eek2: I just made what feels like my 10 billionth deposit at VS...used neosurf, like I have many times before and I’m still waiting for the funds to actually appear in my account :/
Im not sure what’s going on, I’ve never had a problem with deposits at VS, every deposit method available to me is and always have been instant..and yep withdrawals are nearly almost the same. I tripled checked my neosurf account to make sure I had actually used the voucher..i was seriously doubting my own human error :)rolleyes:) as opposed to it being anything on VS end it’s something I’ve never encountered nor heard of anyone else having this issue. My neosurf clearly shows the money deposited, videoslot as the merchant, the time and even a reference number. I switched between both pc and mobile, cleared caches and still no luck!!
I’ve contacted VS support twice to be left hanging for 10mins, after giving my birthdate for security purposes without an answer..I’m starting to get quite annoyed. As mentioned I’ve nevr had an issue with like this with VS..sadly the moment I do, I can’t get any answers :( anyone else had anything similar happen???:confused:
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