videoslots/leovegas - classic bj, european bj buggy? displaying false balance


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Jan 9, 2017
goodwood heights
Has anybody have any issues playing classic blackjack, european blackjack or any other computer ai blackjack on videoslots and leovegas??

i spend most of my online casino time playing blackjack (god knows why, it's bloody hard to win), and after noticing the same issue at every session. while during the game when the hands are dealt, the balance is displayed incorrectly. this happens all the time when i play on mobile, pc, on friends mobile or on other pc. strangely however this never happens when i play on practice mode, only happens when i play for real money.

i have brought this up with support on both casino's and with emailing them back and forth back and forth, and eventually they came up with the conclusion it's got to do with my net.

i remember reading on casinomeister forums that it's got to do with the version of the game, it's buggy, and in that thread the respective casino acknowledges the issue and responded to it in the correct manner.

why is videoslots and leovegas denying this.... and not fixing the issue..

i have also raised this issue with one of the videoslots rep on my old casinomeister account and got no reply at all.....

does anybody else have the same issue? or is it only me?


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Apr 15, 2015
Hi ktruo123,

I do not know the specific games you are having issues and I am sorry if you have had issues with some of the table games on our site. I will contact you via PM to ask for your username and also to request what games you have had an issue with and if you have anything that can help me to investigate this.