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Sep 23, 2016
Here, There, Everywhere.
Turnbull only protects himself and his wallet.
It looks like he is trying to change as many things that will directly benefit him as fast as possible, he is aware he wont be in power forever, even though he will continue to get paid for it.
Australians used to work hard and stand together to fight for their rights and the things they believe in.
These days people just take it, everyone is so blind to the control the government holds and its rapid growth, either that or they ignore any changes that don't directly affect them, and sugar coat it even when does.
And businesses are built and run on the basis of providing the shittiest quality products that they'll still get away with selling, and doing as little as humanly possible for as much money as they can squeeze out of people. The monopoly have wiped out almost all our small businesses. all of the decent people/ organisations went broke. people dont want to help each other, they would rather take someone down.
Why does anyone believe a word out of the PM'S pompous, well fed, little, gob anyway!

So true.

Where I live, the Federal MP is useless. Promises the earth (at election time, of course), and delivers nothing. And yet, people still vote for him. When I ask why, the usual response is: He might not do anything, but all the other pollies are just as bad, and nothing is going to change.

With an attitude like that, sometimes I think we deserve everything we get.

However, after the 2016 election, the seat is hovering on the brink of becoming a marginal, so perhaps....finally...Aussies are starting to wake up and smell the coffee, rather than the rank sewerage that the pollies spit out.

Edit: This thread is turning into the Aussie version of Trump. Sorry everyone. :eek:


Nov 22, 2013
Oh to live in Australia right now!

Actually no thanks, the way they're headed they'll be prohibiting fresh air :eek2:

New Zealand though is where I want to go. Just no one tell me it's as bad as Australia ok, I don't think I could hack it :D

i've never been, but ive heard good things.
Jacinda Ardern = all of those good things.