Videoslots - Account Deactivation


Newbie member
Jan 21, 2018
Hello, new here and first time posting, apologies that it is a moan of sorts.

On the 8th of February this year I received an email from videoslots stating that I was required to complete a ‘Source of Wealth Declaration’, and that until this had been completed all deposit and withdrawal on my account had been restricted. I wasn’t particularly enamoured with the idea of completing the form, I felt slightly uneasy at the prospect of providing this information, but I enjoy playing at videoslots (besides which they had restricted my account unless I completed it). I also understand that there are regulations that casinos must conform to so I did not hold this against videoslots at all and duly completed the declaration.

In less than an hour I received an email back to say that my ‘Source of Funds document has been verified’ and my account was no longer restricted.

My partner also has an account at videoslots, we checked this was o.k at the beginning. We are both fully verified, both made countless deposits and withdrawals and he too received a request to fill out a ‘Source of Wealth’, which he also did.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, I attempt to log in to videoslots and receive a notification that ‘for some reason your account has been deacticated’, my partner too.

No notification of this was received by either of us and we only found out by attempting to log in.

We have both spoken to live chat on videoslots and we’re both told it was due to a ‘random’ security check (so random it happened to two people living at the same address) and that they cannot say when the accounts will be usable again. We do not know the exact reason this has happened, I figure it stems from the ‘Source of Wealth’, too coincidental not to IMO.

In the mean time I have received race money and weekend booster (managed to email me about that!) that I cannot use and I have missed a week’s worth of free rolls.

At this point my account is still deactivated and videoslots just seem to be skirting around the issue completely.

Just wondered if anyone could suggest anything to maybe resolve this. Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.