[videos] Multiple wins, supercharged moments


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Flexible "rules"

- max gameplay duration : +/- say 15 minutes
- max 2 minutes videos (with fast forward)
- multiple wins (like 5 times with >30xbet AND significant progress in bankroll, like 4-5 times)
- final bankroll minimum 100€.

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ps - there's an exisiting thread under winning screenshots (where you posted) specifically dedicated to video wins - http://www.casinomeister.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42826

To be fair, winners videos is often just 2 hours of people playing slots with standard wins. Its not a bad idea to have one for big wins as such, we have several different sections for various win sizes of screenshots but only one for videos so if you did want to see "exciting" big wins in videos you dont really know whats what.


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:thumbsup: lol, doesnt matter to me either way. Roulettedonkey was new when he made the thread so was more a heads up. No skin off my nose. :)