Videopoker Strategy Tools

If you only play Microgaming casinos, you don't need strategy help, but for any other casinos the tools are very useful. I'm a little out of date, but I believe the best software is Frugal Video Poker, endorsed by Jean Scott, the Frugal Gambler.

Frugal VP combines the play and analysis capabilities of WinPoker and the strategy generating ability of VP Strategy Master.

Since you can use either Frugal VP or VPSM to generate strategy charts, you probably don't need the Bob Dancer strategy cards.
I have used VPSM and 'Bob Dancer Presebts Winpoker' for years.
They are both excellent.
I create strategy sheets from VPSM and take to B&M casinos.

Had no reason to buy Frugal Video Poker but I assume it is good.
I own all three products ... started with WinPoker, then bought VPSM when it became available ... then bought Frugal when it came available, although I don't recall why. It may have had some games not supported by the others.

My impression from what I remember is that Frugal VP is more regularly updated, so it's more likely to be able to handle new games that come along.
There's a free VP trainer on the video poker machine at not sure how good or bad it is but you can adjust the paytables to the game you want to learn.

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