Videopoker question

De Beuker

Senior Member
Apr 20, 2009
Was playing Deuces&Joker yesterday at 32RED.
Never played that one before.
After a while I got this hand and thought I would get paid for 4 deuces, as a joker counts for everything, right? (pity the 4 wasnt a deuce..)


Instead, it pays for a five of a kind? :confused:


deuces&joker paytablej.JPG

As you can see the payout for 4 deuces is only 125 coins, so I really expected the joker to count as a deuce here.
It also doesnt state you need a natural 4 deuces, like a natural royal.

Didnt like the game btw.
Apart from the autohold doing REALLY weird things sometimes, like holding a joker and a five (??):what:
it seems impossible to win anything unless you hit a royal or 4 deuces with a joker.