Video Slots Game crashes and re-start


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Jun 23, 2017
Hello I am the only one on video slots for a few weeks has the problem ..?:confused:

lots of
Game crashes and re-start from beginning ..!

And although you play hundreds of euros at a machine for example. Buffalo Blitz
then if you are close to the end from Hunderts of Euros an Deposits at about 50th - Euro
the game writes a problem and you should reload it ...

but what does not work game remains black on other Pc tried also ..

and this play dont load the whole day more opening!

So most of the time, the chance to regain something is higher if you pay a lot or get downed ..

happened to me too at King Kong Casch ore 40 Thives ect..
sometimes you can get back in there again
but you See that starts the game from the beginning ..

The last bet was not saved as in the case of game breaks

And the remaining credit will be lost in no time!

I Play online for over 10 years now but I feel like manipulation and now the last few weeks happened to me 3-4 Time in video slots ...

am I the only one ..?

I spend now Thisands ! of Euros in this Casino but the biggest winning are 300.- if i have Luck
and playful again immediately..!

What makes me feel that if you have a lot of playful and lost then lt. Profit redistribution you can win a litle bit back the game starts from beginning.. !

Or is that just my impression ..?

Know it at least from other casinos that if you have paid 2-3000 Euros you win sometimes 5-600 - back ..!?


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Apr 15, 2015
Hello Barny1100.

I have reached out to you via private message to collect more information.

Best regards,


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Jun 23, 2017
Hy Dan i received no pn from you..?

But you can check the Account from my Wife User: Simba1100 only the last Days/Weeks same at Game 40 Thieves , Buffalo Blitz , King Kong Cash , Spartacus ect...

Many Many Deposits and if you have luck and 1000.- in you can win 300.- and you play this down and bevore complete gone Game writes Conection error reload..
reload by Buffalo and 40 Thives not possible ..
at King Kong Casch possible but starts from beginning..

And not one ore Two Times it goes now over Weeks at here Account..?

I and my wife are not new Players and whe know its allways a lost to Play online
and you can have long times of loosing....
but i makes fun and on other Sites if you put 2-3000.- in and plays a few month you can winn a little bit back ...:)

But here now over Month the same as i write above..?

My wife is angry and i understand here :cool:


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Jun 23, 2017
By the way, if someone is interested..
(my wife was pissed of only more than I've told her the reason Dan told me ;) )

So the reason why my Wife plays 300-400 - down in the game Buffalo flash
and then reload with the remaining approx 50.- was no longer available! ..

was that the game was just taken out of the assortment at the moment ... !:confused::eek:

so i think every player know that if you play down 3-400.- in a game the chance is very high to regain something ..!

but so unlucky for here no one tells here this before ... :(:thumbsup: WTF :)


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Nov 7, 2012
No offense but you should stop gambling since you don't seem to understand how it works. The chance to "regain" after losing 300-400 is exactly the same as it is if you'd just won 50,000 dollars.

To me it seems like you're trying to imply that the games stop working the moment they're ready to pay.. That's just absurd :rolleyes: