Video-call to receive remaining funds?


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Dec 20, 2016
Hi Guys,

Lately I joined Emojino just for one day and deposited around 1.3k. I saw a deposit of 50 euros was not credited at my account and told support, it would be bounced back by Trustly or something. I screenshotted it.
They told me to wait that I will receive the deposit back. and I closed the account because I've had enough for that day. I asked for the deposit history of that day and they told me to have a videocall in order to get it to be verified. Now 8 days later I still haven't received the 50 euros and asked them why. Support suddenly tells me to have a videocall arranged also to be verified (altough they have my passport scan) to receive the 50 euros wich wasn't added on my Emojino account(wich i haven't had an email about).

I mean it's hard enough to deposit over a K, but to get the 50 euros back I have to video call??!!!

I felt a bit sick afterwards

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