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Sep 12, 2006
Hi, I've reading this forums for a few days and finally decided to register when this happened to me today.

I was playing Blackjack at VCcasino (It's in Flash) and I was running good so I upped the bets to 25 pounds. After losing one hand, the next hand froze when dealing and I closed the software and rejoined.
It was strange to me that the hand wasnt restored but a new one started.
I won that hand after doubling but it seemed to me like I was missing 25.

Then the very next hand froze again when the cards were being dealt. So I closed the window and reopened the Blackjack table, again the hand wasn't restored and I was now clearly missing 25 pounds.

I go check the hand history and see how my account is missing 50 pounds.
Take a look: I have 400 pounds, then I lose a hand for 25 and the next hand crashes, when I rejoin instead of having 375 I have 350 :O
Then I win after doubling and I'm at 400. Next hand crashes again and now my Balance instead of 400 is at 375.
That's 50 pound gone with the wind :/

I haven't played a single hand since and I'm waiting for a response from their support
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Well, I received an email apologizing as there were some technical work yesterday that caused the delays in the update of the balance. :thumbsup:

Today the full 425 appeared and I run it to 1220 + 250 from the bonus :eek2: :notworthy
i had this happening to me too, but i thought it was a feature of their game. says right in the t&c players assume the risk of playing online including server issues etc. and says these bets will not be returned. but good job calling them on it and getting paid.
I've had this happen before with VC when the game crashes after a bet and you appear to have lost the money when you load up the game again.

However i've found that if, once that happens, you wait 30mins before playing another hand, the next time you load the software it will alert you to an unfinished hand and allow you to complete it.
I play alot at Omni. On those rare times I get booted out, the hand is always restored when I come back. Sometimes I wish it wasn't (LOL), but its nice to know that I will never lose out if I have a strong hand and something happens.

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