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Nov 23, 2006
I note that Victor Chandler Casino is in your accredited list but also found on another site that the avg profit was $20 - from affiliates, sorry can't remember the site address right now. THe #250 bonus seems like a good one but is it a fair casino.


My point of view

The Meister's accredited list is a very reliable source of casinos who will provide fairness and a decent service.

Never the less, I guarantee you that there are several other sites which will provide you with an outstanding experience.

I believe in one thing, there are over 2000 gambling sites out there, probably up to 3000. In my opinion, 90% are pure scumbags and morons who no crap about running a gambling site. The other 10% you can rely on.

That means that there are around 200-300 sites which are worthy to give a try, The acredited list on this site is quite good, however it doensn't mean they are the only ones.

I have played at Bet365, Titan Poker and Poker770 and all of them are excellent operations which are not here. Bet365 is amazing, Titan and Poker770 nothing great, but decent.
VC is definately a top-notch operation. It uses Chartwell "no download" software which some don't especially like, have even questioned before, but IMO it is fair - I can't think that a major bookmaker like VC would take a risk on unfair software they hadn't fully evaluated. A mistake like that could cost them millions.
Ended up about 70 quid down after wagering the bonus reqs - which i am now waiting for. The software seems fine from my small sample of 5000 pounds wagered and I'd recommnd it to anyone.

Did Sky Bet Vegas as well - Nice bonus there too of 250 pounds (Down about 20 or so quid on that one minus bonus).

So around about 400 quid profit or so - not bad for an evening's work :thumbsup:

Just waiting for VC to be credited now. And then I can cash my winnings
VC is full of BS.

Dealer never busts.

Down 100GBP after only wagering 800 (was down 110 after wagering 300 before).

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