Victim of electronic check fraud


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Oct 9, 2006
I did my online banking and noticed an electronic check in the amount of $29.99 deducted from my account. I called my bank and they gave me an 800 number to call. The person who answered said some processing company got a hold of my checking account info and used their phone number. She said she has been getting calls since October and is involved with the FBI.

She also said there are victims all over the states like Arizona, PA, etc...I dont think we should send a copy of our voided checks to casinos anymore for ID. Im not saying it's a casino but casinos are the only people that have this info from me. I do online billing but use my debit card, not a check.

These people are using different "pay to" names like Market Billing, merchant entertainment and a few others that are illegible.

BEWARE and check your account often. I cant believe this. This is the second time Ive been a victim. For shit sake, if their gonna do this crap, find someone with money! Just as things started to look up this happens. I give up


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Dec 2, 2006
miami fl
It happened to me too........for 100, long ago and I thought it might have be a mistake of wasnt.:mad:
This is one of the reasons why, since Im the only gambler in my house, that I do not have a checking account in my name.;)

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