Vgeasslot,Vgeas7 and Floriditaclub


Dormant account
Sep 28, 2004
I cashed out about 1100$ in these casino and they paid only my deposit

They say I am a high risk player and no more explanations

I am trying to get my money for months and it seems the emails to them are useless

I also played their affilates (Grandhotel...) and lost my deposit and I honored my losses, they returned only the deposit in the account I won.

They should pay my winnings, I did nothing wrong played according to the terms

I pitched a bitch in the 12/september . Did you have time to look into it
Played there alot, never had a single problem.

I noticed you are from Israel, do they allow players from that country?
yes, we are allowed

They were also allowed to take all the deposits I lost in their sister casinos(grandhotel oldsamurai vegascountry grandcasinovenice colosseum..)

They didn't pay my winnings

The reason is that I think they didn't like the fact that I open accounts in all of their casinos but everyone should got what they paid for , I won and I should get paid or don't give me the bonuses from the first place

They cheated me, I pitched a bitch but I never receive any respond that is why I come to the forum , I like to solve things without online forum but I tried for months and didn't succeed

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