Very short and sweet contest


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Oct 9, 2006
Im going to the Trop this Saturday in Atlantic City (free room on a saturday, WOOT)

This is going to be very simple. The first person that replies to this post will get $10 worth of spins for Christmas. Im giving up the $11 internet charge to do this and wont be bringing my laptop so If I win something real huge, Ill call Laurie and tell her

Same rules.....50 cent or $1 machine, anything over the non taxable will be deducted along with a 10% finders fee and the rest is yours :)

Anything under the non taxable is all yours!

Merry Christmas
as usually Im late.................Iwas takin a nap.
Good luck Babs. Love
Congrats Tom!! and thanks Laurie :)
Thank You
Hope you Win Big too.
I just got a request on a family that has a 7 year old little girl that they are down right poor and they can't afford to buy a wheelchair.
I will donate it to this.
And if we win we win but if we don't it's ok I am still going to have afew Casino fundraiser Bus Trips for this child.
Good Luck
I'll take any type of machine you would like to pick on your own.I'll leave it up to you.
Have a great time, Babs! And lots of luck!!

Hey my sweet babs
Hope you had a great time:)
Any Great Luck on your side?
Have a safe & happy trip home.
Hope you have a Merry Merry Christmas.
B-T jackpots won...not even a wheel of fortune spin

and on top of it I got sick! we came home last night instead of today. I forgot to post because I had so much on my mind, sorry Tom

Have a safe and happy holiday :)

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