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Mar 7, 2003
Bite, ME
Ok, let me do this clearly.

I've been calling 1-866-968-7946 all last week communicating with a Saundra (Sandra). This is the number given to me from to ProcMoney (Proc-Money--Process Money).

She was out Friday due to Mothers day, so called a few minutes ago to see what information she had found out. The other 5 times I called, a female answered, put me right through to Saundra, even first call today the lady told me Saundra was in a meeting. Now I call, a male answers, said he didn't know a Saundra, I asked if this was Proc-Money, he said No, this is Virtual casino.

Ok then, I misdialed. So hung up, recalled, same guy answers. He tried telling me I had the wrong number again, I argued with him telling him this is the EXACT number I called 5 last week and got Saundra, and even earlier today and was told she was in meeting to call back in 10 minutes.

He tried telling me that wasn't correct. Bullshit I say, to dial a number wrong once, ok, but not twice to put Saundra on the phone. He then said she may work in accounting and they all just got out of a meeting, to call back in 10 minutes.

Hmmm? Prism not a Virtual casino? According to what just took place on the phone, I say, Yes, they are, and I'm getting nothing but a run around since they know what my issue is about.

I'll be getting in touch with my bank first thing in the morning and point them in that direction for investigation and giving them phone numbers, names, and addresses anything I can think of giving.

Maybe that'll help them get this taken care of faster.

I'm going to try Saundra one more time here in a minute, if I get a run around again, or no information, it's time for better business, Attorney General, anybody and everybody I can think of contacting, and will even talk to my attorney about this.

I'm truly PISSED now!!

All is needed for this to stop is, STOP stealing my money, STOP lying, and give back every damn penny already stolen which is : $1074.32 in debits alone, and then, $1420.00 (72 debits at $20.00 O/D each), that's not including the $3.00 a day charge for being over drawn.
The (censored) !!

Called back just now, put me on hold for 5 minutes, reyrned, said hello, then hung up.

to hell with them all. No more battles, the war is on, win or lose!!
I just did a search on with phone nuber: 866-968-7946
There are A LOT of casino using it as customer support phone number or account department phone number.
Did EZTP.NET 888-357-2727 give you this number?
Things became very "interesting" here.

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Yes bewitch, it was who gave me the phone number, said charges came from ProcMoney/Prism.
Hi y'all,

I'll have some more on this issue later on, may be a few days though. Will wait to see exactly what will happen with an event that just happened.

And if it all works out well, I'll be posting exactly how more than fair someone is being. And at that time will also post what was said.

Til then, take care everyone.
Jinnia, a few days??? You are killing me here. It's hard not being a curious woman here. LOL.

Things are doing fine here. Still checking ALL my credit card (old and new) and bank account everyday to make sure no "surprise". (sigh) What a nerve break situation. I took kids to farm today and we had a great time.

Have to say I do miss this hobby. That's why I am still visiting forum here. PLEASE keep me update ASAP.

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Hi bewitch,

Nothing better than getting out in country (farm). Love those animal

Yes, a few days, I'm not saying what event took place.. isn't curiosity a 'b'? ha ha

I truly believe at this point though, that someone is truly working hard at correcting things.

I'm waiting to see the outcome and then y'all will know.

Take a valium bewitch and relax
Hey Prism-Virtual - you don't want to mess with Jinnia - she's the female version of Caruso the Terminator!
Ok jetset, you've lost me. Caruso the Terminator??????

I'm just a person who finally gets tired of BS, and the way things went with that phone call to Saundra (Sandra) yesterday, that was enough for me.

My Indian temper just came out.
This is one of the major problems with the Virtual Casino group. They have spawned x amount of casinos and try to establish them as individual casinos even though the only difference is the "name". By doing this, they give the implication that they feel players are stupid sheep who either don't care or don't know better.

Unfortunately, they are right in many cases.

These CRs are trained in deception tactics; they use fake names and hand out disinformation by the bucket full. But I have been ensured that these shortcomings are being taken care of.

Only time will tell...
Jinnia - Caruso is a veteran player and poster here and elsewhere who just wont stand for being ripped off. He has admirable determination and tenacity, most recently demonstrated in a six month tussle with Angelciti which he won. And through his efforts other less vocal players won as well.
Ahhh, ok jetset. Thank you.

I received an email answering that for me a little earlier, but was referred to as "bulldog" determination >,>,smile<,<,.

And I apologize to all of you here for letting anger out where you all was exposed to it, but that guy whose actions are that of an idiot I spoke with on the phone today, he triggered something in me that all I saw was red for awhile.

I may be crazy, but don't treat me like I'm stupid!!
Hi spearmaster,

jinnia went alright, over the edge that is!!

I still growl when think I of him.

when you searched google for the number 866-968-7946, did you look at the pages of the casinos web site that was listed? Did you click on the Similar Pages link with that listing?

I did, and it all leads to (this is only one):

Link Removed (invalid URL)
and that one leads to:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

(so on, and so on)

Virtual Casino, Process Money Online is what it says.

So another lie, this one from the guy at THAT number when I asked, "is this ProcMoney or Process Money?" He answered, No it isn't, this is Virtual Casino. Same number to both!!
Bingo! Here you go!
You are right. I didn't. Gee, it's really no fun at all.
I didn't get my $500 back on my Citi bank yet. The bank mess up the dispute 3 times and never told me. And they closed those dispute without inform me either. So I have to open another dispute and got "promised" it will be different this time. I start to wonder maybe it's bank....Who knows? Can't really trust anyone about money these day. (even myself. LOL)

However, I called EZTP AGAIN and talked to David (the surpervisor) and he told me they "just" refund me on 8/5 and I should see it in 14 days. If not, go ahead to dispute the $500. #x?x@#?

Don't forget your "upcoming story". I am a curious cat after all.

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Well, lets see, Monday, August the 18th at 9:30pm (my time) I performed what was asked of me. It is now Wednesday August 20th, 6:20am (my time). That's almost 33 hours, and not one word.

I just hope the event that took place wasn't just another tactic to delay what I was going to do yesterday (Tuesday) morning at my bank?

I say, 48 hours will be ample time given to do what was said.

That will be at 9:30pm this evening (my time...Wed. Aug. 20). I'll not be able to go to bank then for they will be closed, but first thing Thursday morning, Aug. 21, I'll be there doing as I said I was going to do.

I'll post what ever the outcome of this ends up to be.

I have already prepared a text file with what I am posting on, Oh, about 20 different forums I have signed on to.

No more bullshitting me, this is the beginning of the end. Time to get it overwith, once and for all, good or bad.

Just an acknowledgement of receiving the information would have helped, not the auto reply either, one directly from a human!

I knew you were on here looking, so posted a little something a couple of minutes ago, just for your reading .. ha ha

If eztp refunded on the 5th of this month and to give it 14 days, I say that the 14 days was up Yesterday!!??

You know, I'm not even mad any longer, and that is bad, for me to stop feeling at all about someone or a situation, for that means I have truly had enough. I'm just going to do what needs to be done, and should have been done sometime ago with no delays.

Same here, curious kitty all the way .. grin .. so keep the information coming from you situation.

And I wish you all the luck with it!!

For me, I'll take it as it comes!!
LOL! Same here. I saw your post, too.

Did I said 8/5? Gee. 8/8 . Anyway, the newest dispute will be mailed to me in 10 days, so I will go ahead to dispute if I don't see it by then. Eztp changed their story with me here. Only time will tell.

I know what you mean about "not even mad any longer". Me, too. Enough is enough. I am soooo tired of this and just wish I can "bewitch" to zip everything back to normal again.

It's another beautiful day here. We are going to the zoo in 1 hour.

Have a good one to you all. I only visit land casino 2 times and played few slots. You are right. They can't touch your account only your wallet! LOL
Too much to keep straight, isn't it? grin

That's why I take snap shots and keep a text file on things. Don't have to think as much that way .. smile

Aug 8th? That'll .. Ah, Friday will be 14 days .. no money, gotta wait til week-end is over to do anything then.

All it amounts to is a delay tactic. Don't allow that to keep happening, don't butt heads any longer with them, 'Lock Horns' and go at it!!

It could be a win/lose situation for you, but, it will for sure be a lose/lose situation for them, in the long run, if you take it all the way.

Post everywhere, file forms anywhere possible. Send emails, whatever it takes.

Have a great time at the zoo.
I really don't know what else to offer you?
I've offered to give you back you money, even though you have played it and lost it. I even offered to pay your bank fees. I also asked you to please continue with your bank to get to the bottom of this matter, even after we send you back your money.
But you still continue to bash us here, why?
What else can I do to help you please let me know?



your call Monday was totally unexpected and greatly appreciated.

And yes, you did offer to give me back the money taken plus the bank charges and told me to continue with the bank investigation on the manner, you also asked me to send you the information, I sent it. I've been waiting to hear from you on if the information I sent was acceptable or not, as I asked you in that email.

I haven't heard anything about it.

What if I quit posting (what you call bashing) for a few days and see what any outcome will be?

Does that sound ok with you?

Thank You
Wait a minute!! It just hit what was said here.

((prismpitboss: jinnia, I've offered to give you back you money, even though you have played it and lost it.))

[color=0000ff] No, this has nothing to do with legit deposits, this issue pertains to 'unauthorized charges.[/color]

((even after we send you back your money.))

[color=0000ff]I've not received any monies[/color]
Jinnia this sounds good to me.
"What if I quit posting (what you call bashing) for a few days and see what any outcome will be?"



ok, you got it. I'll not say one more negative statement about Prism, for a few days. And maybe not after that either, if, all goes well.

Thank you

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