Very interesting slot

catrina m

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Feb 8, 2007
US of A
I play at caribsports ( I am not spamming or shilling, or whatever it means) but I like to bet on football. (US not the fut) and they let you bet on the daily pick 3 and 4's in most state's, one state usually paying 850 to one everyday.

I won a nice 3 team baseball parlay that I thought I lost (yankees came back) so I went to the casino, was never impressed by a sportsbook casino because the slots usually are, shall I say, not to good.

I played aztec treasures, which I had played before but was not impressed.

This time I was. They changed it. Graphics are very funny!

A lot of features with the aztec king, he dances, lol.

Thers is a full middle wild x2, the gem bonus, 3 salamanders gets free spins, and even a boom boom shack where the king picks a gift for the maidens and they show him how much they like the gift, lol

its not fast spins, but its entertaining.

I won also, which is what I haven't seen in a while with the "REAL" casino's.

I love they have QT, which most SB's don't.

But this slot was fun to play and hat's off to who ever designed it!


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Oct 29, 2007
Hi, this Don carbone sportsbook/casino has some good premium slots, they used to do a $50 ND. I don't know much about them, they have been around for awhile thou. xxxx

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