Very improbable roulette run at Desert Dollar


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Aug 14, 2006
(I posted this earlier in the Online Casinos section with a non-obvious title, so I'm reposting it here hoping it will get more attention)

I just had an odd run at Desert Dollar's French Roulette and wanted to share.

Now, I'm not one to easily claim that a game is rigged, but this is beyond believable. A little over a minute apart (exactly 61 spins according to Playcheck), I got TWO runs of the same number hitting 5 TIMES in a row. The odds of any one number hitting 5 times in a row in French Roulette are 1 in 1.8 million (37*37*37*37).

See here:

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Expired Image

I sent an email to Desert Dollar management. Will wait a bit to see if and what they reply.
That' s why i keep wondering about those softwares. Of course at every reliability bulletin there's about the same amount of blacks and reds, but it' s quite raw and obvious here!
Why don' t they deal with alternative series of 10 times the same numbers while they're at it .........
Did you asked for a software check?
Having said that, it must happen o somebody sooner or later.
Michael Shackleford calculated that such a feat had a 1 in 6 million chance of happening over the course of 1085 spins, which is what I played. So it's not such an impossible feat... but the fact that it happened while I was autoplaying and betting on red somehow adds to the funkiness.

I tried exploiting the suspected "flaw" by playing manually and betting on any number that would show up twice in a row but I only got one hit, several spins later. Dumb luck.

I'm guessing wildly here, but it might be that the autoplay function messes up with the RNG. I dunno.

Casino manager forwarded my email to MG.
it must happen o somebody sooner or later.

Exactly. This kind of thing is inevitable. If you want to look for patterns after the even it's quite easy. Like 'wow, the dealer got a 7 or greater on his up card 10 hands in a row', or something. I would be more worried if the numbers alternated evenly - that would be proof of cheating, as the nature of randomness is that things will not alternate nicely, otherwise it be predictable, not random.
Roulette royale is a progressive at MG casinos which pays out a jackpot if the same number comes up 5 times in a row. People do hit it occasionally, see
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. You could have won $345,000.
I think we all know the truth. Anyone that has played Bj at MG (or crypto, PT and RTG) knows for sure and certain the game is a vastly different (playing) one from the B+M version.

Getting five numbers in a row at Roulette? You can be sure it won't happen in your life time. Getting five numbers in a row TWICE in a space of 1100 spins? Hello English Harbour.


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