(very) delayed cashout @ Rushmore


I'm hoping Louise sees this. My last cashout was approved on 6/27, and I have yet to receive my check via FedEx. In the emails I receive from the accounting department it says it should take between 7 and 10 working days for my check to arrive. It usually takes a couple days more, but never this long. I've emailed with no response. Also, I have chatted with customer service several times. All they have told me there is an issue with cashouts at this time, but the accounting department won't tell them what it is other than to say they are working on it and that I'll have my check asap. I asked if it was only certain players (ie only US or only checks) and they said no it is a system-wide issue.

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I think Louise will get to the bottom of this, as its not been the casinos style to hold up payments imo, she will take care of you, that you can be assured of.....laurie:)


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I'm sorry you having such a long wait on your w/d. Checks are NOT a good nor dependable option for players in the US. It might be a good idea for you to check into the other options for players in the US. :)


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Having the same problem here with slotsoasis. been over a week since requested a withdrawal via Neteller, and there has been nothing yet.


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Well it seems you arent the only one.

Im really surprised to be reading this about the Rushmore Group, and even more surprised that Louise hasnt immediately posted about the cause of all the delays. It is affecting ALL players not just US it seems.

In the other thread, someone PM'ed Louise and she had the funds sent to him immediately after he had waited a week - so it makes me wonder why other players cant be paid that fast without having to come to CM...??

I'd like to think there is a reasonable explanation, so Im looking forward to hearing what it is.



My check arrived today, 17 working days after it was approved (16 if the July 4th holiday here in the US counts)(?!)


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My check arrived today, 17 working days after it was approved (16 if the July 4th holiday here in the US counts)(?!)
You should really think about other methods of withdrawing funds then the check method. Its takes too long then fees maybe attached and then the hassle of explaining to your bank about where the check came from. Hope it was a US bank from which it was drawn on..


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I thought FedEx should be fast.
i received a few checks via FedEx and it only took 2-3 days to get here from Europe. But i payed 50 bucks or so for the fast delivery.

OP, may be you can check with Fedex to see when it was sent then you'll know where is the delay.


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Hi all,

I have posted in reference to this in the Slots Oasis thread.

Please make sure to PM me, should any player have an outstanding issue they would like me to check for them.

I extend my apologies again to those that have been affected by the wait.


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Vegetagirl & XOXO - Rushmore sends checks overnight (with no fee on checks over $250USD), so any delays were Rushmore's fault, not FedEx's. As for where the bank is, the address of the processing center and the bank is in Canada, but there's a note in tiny print saying the funds were actually paid from a branch here in the US so...?? My only other option would be wire transfer (also free over $250USD), but I just don't feel safe giving anyone my rounting number if I don't have to.

Louise - I'm very happy to hear that things are cleared up! :)