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Vermathi VS LSBET

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Vermathi, Aug 6, 2015.

    Aug 6, 2015
  1. Vermathi

    Vermathi Banned User : blackmail, abuse of forum membership

    Hi Guys!
    I am VERY sorry to come in like this but here we go (firstpost)

    IN THE MOST SHORT VERSION : I deposit 92 euro accept bonus , play within terms, win 663 euro with turnover still of 3752 .
    This is good right ? NO a few days later they cut off service to the casino(can't connect to games) and tell me they will void my balance because they stopped serving belgium.
    Here is your solution sir , we will void your deposit and deposit bonus and winnings because we just stopped serving your country , you agree right ? heres 5 euros for sport :thumbsup: LOOOOL
    I made the deposited when it was good , I am flexibel but this kind of resolution is like spitting in my eye with ACCID :lolup:

    Long story sort of:

    I would like to share with you the communication I had with LSBET.
    I am very disappointed that I signed up there .
    I WOULD STRONLY ADVISE AGAINST SIGNUP AT LSBET they have cheated me out of my deposit and winnings.

    The story you will now read will defy all common sense this is normal , don't panic keep reading, its ok.

    Here we Go:
    4:09:14 PM: 803727:
    I was just disconected

    4:09:14 PM:

    Welcome 803727! Your request has been directed to the English department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

    4:09:24 PM:

    Call accepted by operator Uta. Currently in room: Uta, 803727.

    4:09:32 PM: Uta:
    Good evening

    4:09:41 PM: Uta:
    How could I help you?

    4:09:58 PM: 803727:
    Hello Uto

    4:10:06 PM: 803727:
    I was just disconected

    4:10:11 PM: 803727:
    Uta I mean

    4:10:25 PM: 803727:
    The chat was about my bonus , I received an email

    4:10:30 PM: 803727:
    I receive errors

    4:10:34 PM: Uta:
    no problem, one moment please

    4:10:42 PM: 803727:
    becquse belgium can not play netent anymore

    4:10:58 PM: 803727:
    But I have an active bonus I want to play on what games then ?

    4:11:36 PM: 803727:
    Casino Bonus Wagering
    Balance: $0.00
    BONUS: $662.00
    Wagered: $288.00
    Left To Wager:: $3,752.00

    4:12:34 PM: Uta:
    Unfortunately you can`t use these money beacause it is bonus money.
    Bur we can give you 5 EUR in Sport or in Live Casino

    4:12:42 PM: Uta:
    Do you agree?

    4:13:05 PM: 803727:

    4:13:07 PM: 803727:
    offcourse not

    4:13:16 PM: 803727:
    I deposited here under different terms

    4:13:24 PM: 803727:
    You can not keep my money

    4:13:29 PM: 803727:
    It has my deposit too !

    4:13:44 PM: 803727:
    I will not play netent what other games can I play

    4:13:59 PM: Uta:
    One moment please, let me check

    4:21:02 PM: 803727:
    I really am a bit shocked with the proposal of turning 662 euro's into 5 euor's

    4:25:04 PM: Uta:
    One more moment, please

    4:34:55 PM: Uta:
    We can give you 20 Euro in Sport or in Live Casino. LSbet is really sorry about this case. Bonusmoney can`t be returned.
    And for your first deposit in Sport you will receive 50% bonus up to 120 EUR

    4:35:37 PM: 803727:
    I don't want it "returned" I want to play As I agreed when making the deposit and signup

    4:35:57 PM: 803727:
    I can not be asked to forfait my cash

    4:36:13 PM: 803727:
    because your lisense chances

    4:37:10 PM: 803727:
    I would Agree with this : BONUS: $662.00 balance in LIVE casino , with 3,752 wagering

    4:38:37 PM: Uta:
    Unfortunately players from Belgium cannot be customers of our Casino

    4:38:58 PM: 803727:
    what ?

    4:39:07 PM: 803727:
    first you tell me to depost 50% in the sport

    4:39:20 PM: 803727:
    after wanting to forfait my balance and now you tell me this?

    4:39:21 PM: Uta:
    50% deposit you will receive in Sport

    4:39:26 PM: 803727:

    4:39:46 PM: 803727:
    Im not a sportsbetter

    4:39:51 PM: 803727:
    I am a casinoplayer

    4:39:56 PM: Uta:
    Customers from Belgium can play in Sports and in Live Casino on LSbet.com but can`t be customers of Casino.

    4:40:08 PM: 803727:
    that were not the terms when I signup

    4:40:10 PM: 803727:
    and deposited

    4:40:25 PM: 803727:
    you are at fault in not resolving this issue properly

    4:41:00 PM: Uta:
    Please write a letter to This email is not visible to you.

    4:41:31 PM: 803727:
    I will consider it

    4:41:48 PM: 803727:
    I prefer writing a full review about lsbet and resolution of issues

    4:41:57 PM: 803727:
    It seems very much in there favor

    4:42:21 PM: 803727:
    There is no feeling with the customer what so ever

    4:42:52 PM: Uta:
    Please write a letter to This email is not visible to you.

    4:42:57 PM: 803727:
    I do not agree with taking my LIVE real deposit putting a bonus on it and a few days later afer I win

    4:43:02 PM: 803727:
    I can not acces my funds

    4:43:05 PM: 803727:
    this is a crime

    4:43:22 PM: Uta:
    Please write a letter to This email is not visible to you. and senior manager will help you

    4:43:48 PM: Uta:
    Could I help you with anything else?

    4:43:51 PM: 803727:

    4:44:07 PM: 803727:
    Explaining why you would change serving belgium

    4:44:16 PM: 803727:
    and not notify me as a player

    4:44:54 PM: Uta:
    Please write a letter to This email is not visible to you. and senior manager will help you

    4:44:57 PM: Uta:
    Could I help you with anything else?

    4:45:03 PM: 803727:
    I have to report endless issues of malfuntion and send emails with screenshot before I am told the news Its because of change were the no longer server belgium

    4:45:29 PM: 803727:
    Uta I feel no longer welcome here

    4:45:35 PM: Uta:
    Could I help you with anything else?

    4:45:37 PM: 803727:
    have a nice day

    4:45:45 PM: Uta:
    I wish you a nice day, too

    4:45:47 PM: Uta:
    Thank you

    4:46:47 PM: 803727:
    Can I share this livechat online if I would prefer so ?

    4:47:11 PM: Uta:
    Yes, you can

    4:47:30 PM: 803727:
    Ok thank you I would not have done so without checking

    Please tell me what you think I feel pretty raped :puke:.

    Thanks in advance people ! (there is a sequal wich is released after some posts :notworthy )
    This live chat was MUTUAL agreed for publication
    "I have made the casino aware of the fact that I using the agreed upon chat for my discussion here about fair resolution"
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  2. Aug 6, 2015
  3. SubzeroWins

    SubzeroWins Experienced Member webmeister

    It seems that LSbet has only netent games in their collection of videoslots. If Belgian players have recently been denied access to those games, I can understand why they would not allow you to play with your bonus on their casino slots as they might receive a hefty fine for violating the rules. I don't think they would come up with this on the spot just to screw you over on a (relatively) small deposit.

    Having said that, confiscating your money and offering a 5 euro bonus for sportsbook is ridiculous and I understand why that would leave you frustrated or disappointed. What they should be offering is to either return your deposit due to unforseen circumstances or allow you to play your bonus on other suitable games.

    The bright side is that you have quite a big amount of wagering left so technically, you were not denied any cash money winnings. If I were you i'd contact management like the support agent suggested and politely ask if they are prepared to come up with a better solution. I'm sure their reputation is worth more to them than a deposit of less than 100 euro.
  4. Aug 6, 2015
  5. Vermathi

    Vermathi Banned User : blackmail, abuse of forum membership

    Thank you so much for your reply ,

    Playing slots at small stakes , this balance of 663 euros would survive my wagering but that is not the point.
    Just returning your deposit would be a less bad solution but still a disaster when you signup and win.

    Not only have they offered me 5 euros then 20 then 50% to sport book then 100% to sportbook then nothing , then my deposit as free bets in sport...........
    They are haggeling me like a fool in the market.
    Trying to send me home with an empty basket !
    This while I am at heavy attack mode , telling them my rights there duties and my thoughts so I have said pay me or I will be destructive in my postings online .
    THEN I could get the "freebet " but NOT my deposit. This is like beating it out of them with a stick......

    After posting this here and sending the casino a friendly mail telling them that I started this tread and they were welcome to join.
    5 minuts later an email :

    Dear Mathias,

    This email is to inform that you can make a withdrawal request in total amount of 92 EUR, so that the funds can be credited back to your Skrill account.

    They are playing with me and now covering there asses for pad publicity....

    Yes There rep is worth the world to them :D
  6. Aug 6, 2015
  7. Vermathi

    Vermathi Banned User : blackmail, abuse of forum membership

    And they have other games on the games tab
  8. Aug 6, 2015
  9. partyhummel

    partyhummel Senior Member mm1

    ex broker
    betty ford clinic

    they should offer you compensation for the playtime you invested. at least double your deposiot. plus some goodies for that ugly behavior and the anger they caused to you...
  10. Aug 6, 2015
  11. Vermathi

    Vermathi Banned User : blackmail, abuse of forum membership

    These were my thoughts exactly . I offered to play from abroad , to make 50% available for withdrawal or even the freaking sports full balanswith rollover....
    Non of these options were considered here is another live chat. I was angry and less polite after negatory manager reply (they just offerd 100% sportbonus DEPOSIT NOW :lolup:)
    I became a bit whatever they are not serious people.

    6:31:09 PM: 803727:
    I want a reolution for my balance

    6:31:09 PM:

    Welcome 803727! Your request has been directed to the English department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

    6:31:13 PM:

    Call accepted by operator David. Currently in room: David.

    6:31:16 PM: David:
    Hello, welcome to LSbet.com. How can I help you?

    6:31:49 PM: 803727:
    Hello David

    6:31:58 PM: 803727:
    I was advised to send to This email is not visible to you. wich I did

    6:32:11 PM: 803727:
    but the respons did not come from a named manager

    6:32:20 PM: 803727:
    just the "LS team"

    6:33:10 PM: 803727:
    I would like to tell you guys that after making a adeposit and winning , You choose to VOID my deposit and win when you stop offering netent to belgium

    6:33:17 PM: 803727:
    This is ver roqgue

    6:33:29 PM: 803727:
    I have been doing some searching and will reach out

    6:33:37 PM: 803727:
    I will put complaints on the internet

    6:33:46 PM: 803727:
    In detail how you treated me

    6:33:52 PM: 803727:
    I found serveral

    6:34:09 PM: 803727:
    You are fine with this?

    6:34:45 PM: 803727:
    So I did not break ANY TERMS you just stop offering service and void all open balance if there is a bonus

    6:35:15 PM: 803727:
    you thiefs

    6:35:26 PM: 803727:
    I dont want your loosy sport bonus

    6:35:29 PM: 803727:
    I want my moneyt

    6:35:35 PM: 803727:

    6:36:22 PM: 803727:

    6:37:06 PM: David:
    unfortunately, we can only offer you the bonus that we have specified in the email

    6:37:16 PM: 803727:
    I will name it on the forums " The LS Solution3

    6:37:36 PM: 803727:
    I will make it my mission

    6:37:46 PM: 803727:
    to cost you custumers

    6:38:32 PM: David:
    please check one more time your email inbox, the email from our office should have been already sent to you

    6:38:49 PM: 803727:
    I am not a retard my friend I dont want your loosy 100% sport bonus

    6:38:52 PM: 803727:
    I am very aware

    6:38:56 PM: 803727:
    that you dont want to pay me

    6:39:05 PM: 803727:
    an I am aware that I can cost you FAR more money

    6:39:12 PM: 803727:
    So I prefer to do that

    6:39:18 PM: 803727:
    If you offer no real resolution

    6:39:20 PM: 803727:
    And realy

    6:39:26 PM: 803727:
    I can talk my friend

    6:39:37 PM: 803727:
    I will use spellingcorrector for the forums

    6:39:39 PM: 803727:
    Smiley: Wink

    6:39:45 PM: 803727:
    But my message will be heard

    6:39:47 PM: 803727:
    by all

    6:39:52 PM: 803727:
    You are cheats

    6:40:01 PM: 803727:
    I will make it my mission to expose you

    6:40:39 PM: 803727:
    You made a very small but anoying enemy , I will cost you FOR SURE 25X the amount

    6:40:49 PM: 803727:
    and you know this is just a low estemate

    6:42:16 PM: David:
    The only solution that we can offer you at the moment is to add to your account the amount of your deposit as a free bet. And you should roll it one time in Sports, Virtual Sports or Live Casino before you can make a withdrawal request

    6:42:56 PM: 803727:
    What you offer me now , my own money back in a free bet ? to cover your ass for formum hassle ?

    6:43:07 PM: 803727:
    I need

    6:43:09 PM: 803727:

    6:43:13 PM: 803727:

    6:43:19 PM: 803727:
    with wagering

    6:43:22 PM: 803727:
    live casino

    6:43:23 PM: 803727:
    now please

    6:43:43 PM: 803727:
    Oh wait ? have you just advertised that I can play live casino ?

    6:43:55 PM: 803727:
    Because it was said belgium can NOIT

    6:44:32 PM: David:
    unfortunately, this is not possible (663 EUR), due to fact that this was a bonus amount that you needed to roll over

    6:44:38 PM: 803727:
    I will not take your free

    6:44:38 PM: 803727:

    6:44:43 PM: 803727:
    I will roll over the 663

    6:44:48 PM: 803727:
    on other part of your site

    6:44:52 PM: 803727:
    this is VERY NICE of me

    6:44:59 PM: David:
    Belgium residents cannot play in Netent Casino, not Live Casino. We have specified it in the email

    6:45:13 PM: 803727:
    Very nice of you , take note of my previous offer

    6:45:17 PM: 803727:
    its my money

    6:45:22 PM: 803727:
    give it to me in some way

    6:46:15 PM: David:
    unfortunately, we can only return you the amount of your first deposit, which is 92 EUR

    6:46:37 PM: 803727:
    Ok wait

    6:46:48 PM: 803727:
    Now the free bet , can be my deposit back?

    6:47:00 PM: 803727:
    you guys are very funny

    6:47:08 PM: 803727:
    I need 663 euros with roll over please

    6:47:18 PM: David:
    As a free bet

    6:47:19 PM: 803727:
    Then we are square

    6:47:44 PM: 803727:
    If I can roll over the 663 and withdraw it , then fine the free bet 663

    6:48:14 PM: 803727:
    I need 663 with rollover , so I complete my commitment

    6:48:21 PM: 803727:
    As you have to complete it !

    6:48:44 PM: 803727:
    By giving me my cash when I finish

    6:50:30 PM: David:
    We are sorry, but we can not return you 663 EUR, only the amount of your first deposit - 92 EUR as a free bet

    6:50:36 PM: David:
    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    6:50:42 PM: 803727:
    What now it is a free bet again ?

    6:50:45 PM: 803727:
    you guys

    6:50:50 PM: 803727:
    I need

    6:50:55 PM: 803727:
    663 with rollover

    6:50:59 PM: 803727:

    6:51:04 PM: 803727:
    330 euro

    6:51:06 PM: 803727:

    6:51:18 PM: 803727:
    I could finish that rollover FOR SURe

    6:53:50 PM: 803727:
    I am being VERY giving here

    6:56:10 PM: 803727:
    This is Like taking the cash from my wallet

    6:56:29 PM: 803727:
    an online wallet is a wallet

    6:56:41 PM: 803727:
    So what is it going to be

    6:56:49 PM: 803727:
    663 with rollover or 330 cash ?µ

    6:58:54 PM: 803727:
    Only after repated abuse from your side only offering the deposit in a free bet HA!

    6:59:16 PM: 803727:
    the abuse being denied my winning and deposit serveral time

    7:00:14 PM: David:
    We are sorry, but the only thing that we can offer you is your initial deposit as a free bet bonus

    7:00:23 PM: 803727:
    What the hell

    7:00:49 PM: 803727:
    If you don't intent to work with my 663 euro

    7:01:16 PM: 803727:
    I suggest you reimburse my full deposit fast as you can IN my skrill AS CASH and then when you did that

    7:01:45 PM: 803727:
    I will STILL make END you as the cheaters that you are on the forums only LESS hard

    7:01:58 PM: 803727:
    when you dont pay me my deposit

    7:02:02 PM: 803727:
    as a minimum

    7:02:07 PM: 803727:
    I will destroy you

    7:02:10 PM: 803727:
    devote my time

    7:02:18 PM: 803727:
    make colorfull funny remakrs

    7:02:28 PM: 803727:
    that will draw gamblers attentrion

    7:02:30 PM: 803727:

    7:02:39 PM: 803727:
    and tell them all about you

    7:02:55 PM: 803727:
    THIS I wil do the amount of control still in your hand ?

    7:03:15 PM: 803727:

    7:03:30 PM: 803727:
    So I can then MILDLY destroy you with ONE post

    7:03:42 PM: 803727:
    OR dont pay me

    7:03:47 PM: 803727:
    And get devoted time

    7:03:56 PM: 803727:
    and full destuction for your image

    7:03:58 PM: 803727:
    I am good

    7:04:10 PM: 803727:
    I do Advertisements Here In my country

    7:04:11 PM: 803727:

    7:04:14 PM: 803727:
    This my field

    7:04:15 PM: 803727:
    Smiley: Open Mouthed

    7:04:28 PM: 803727:
    I will campaign against you cheats

    7:04:37 PM: 803727:
    Only in english BTW

    7:04:47 PM: 803727:
    Maximum Damage

    7:05:05 PM: 803727:
    So what is it going to be cheats ?

    7:05:25 PM: 803727:
    you going to pay me my deposit anyway , you know that you are in the wrong

    7:05:37 PM: 803727:
    so why wait before I destroy you

    7:05:49 PM: 803727:
    because I will do that anyway

    7:05:54 PM: 803727:
    I got the time

    7:06:05 PM: 803727:
    And the cash to spend but i am a man of principle

    7:06:10 PM: 803727:
    you clearly broke that

    7:06:37 PM: 803727:
    Could you give a meaningfull reponse to what I said ?

    7:07:13 PM: 803727:
    So I can expect that cash In my skrill ? 330 .?

    7:07:42 PM: 803727:
    For 330 I shut up also VERY nice of me

    7:07:49 PM: 803727:
    No post nothing

    7:08:15 PM: 803727:
    for 92 mild destruction (to my skrill)

    7:08:38 PM: 803727:
    Pay me nothing , like the free bet n then Full destruction as said above

    7:09:30 PM: David:
    The only solution that we can offer you at the moment is to add to your account the amount of your deposit (92 EUR) as a free bet. And if you roll it one time in Sports, Virtual Sports or Live Casino you can withdrawal the funds to your Skrill account

    7:09:36 PM: 803727:

    7:09:41 PM: 803727:
    I can play from holland

    7:09:49 PM: 803727:
    I have a house in holland

    7:10:10 PM: 803727:
    I can go on my internet there you reinstate my balance on casino ; solved right ?

    7:10:56 PM: 803727:
    hey that is a GOOD ID

    7:11:13 PM: 803727:
    fair solution and I don't have to waste my time on the forums

    7:11:29 PM: David:
    Residents from Holland are also not able to play on Lsbet.com

    7:11:34 PM: 803727:
    what the fuck

    7:11:39 PM: 803727:
    I have 2 houses

    7:11:47 PM: 803727:
    And I can not even play

    7:11:52 PM: 803727:
    in 2 countries

    7:12:07 PM: 803727:
    Ok I am going to greece

    7:12:11 PM: 803727:
    next week on holiday

    7:12:16 PM: 803727:
    CAN I play from there ?

    7:12:55 PM: 803727:
    I will get a secure private inernet in greece

    7:13:02 PM: 803727:
    I am there next week

    7:14:06 PM: 803727:
    I am trying to work on a solution here that does not invole destruction from both sides

    7:14:52 PM: David:
    It doesn't matter what country you are playing from, it only matters the country where you have registered on Lsbet.com and where you are a resident

    7:16:01 PM: 803727:
    Could you give a meaningfull reponse to what I said ?
    So I can expect that cash In my skrill ? 330 .?
    For 330 I shut up also VERY nice of me
    No post nothing
    for 92 mild destruction (to my skrill)
    Pay me nothing , like the free bet n then Full destruction as said above

    7:16:21 PM: 803727:
    This is the result david

    7:16:32 PM: 803727:
    make a choice get a mangager again

    7:16:45 PM: 803727:
    tell him that I said I will make his day SOUR

    7:17:09 PM: 803727:
    and that hes a cheat and should treat people better

    7:17:20 PM: 803727:
    and that he needs to pay me

    7:17:35 PM: David:
    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    7:19:22 PM: 803727:
    David Answer the question and I will leave

    7:19:57 PM: 803727:
    1) Can you from th is point pay me 330 for resolution ?

    7:20:11 PM: 803727:
    2) pay me 92 euro on my skrill mild destruction

    7:20:34 PM: 803727:
    3) pay me nothing or say :Is there anything else I can help you with? on more time

    7:20:37 PM: 803727:
    full destruction

    7:21:07 PM: David:
    Unfortunately, we can not pay you the above listed amounts. Only 92 EUR as a free bet bonus

    7:22:53 PM: 803727:

    7:22:59 PM: 803727:
    I will keep my end of the deam

    7:23:01 PM: 803727:

    7:23:17 PM: 803727:
    good day David , I will make you guys LESS rich

    7:23:22 PM: 803727:
    By my posting next weeks

    7:23:30 PM: 803727:
    Will keep it funny but destructive

    7:23:35 PM: 803727:
    HAve a nice day

    7:23:38 PM: David:
    have a good one

    Sorry for my sloppy writing :D
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2015
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  12. Aug 6, 2015
  13. Vermathi

    Vermathi Banned User : blackmail, abuse of forum membership

    What I believe is this , when an unfortunate event such as services being dropped occurs it should not be the consumer to take the "full blow" and have is balance with bonus confiscated you can only imagine how much money has been voided in this way. This is totally not fair it should be in the middle . Like yesterday a casino owed me money and the next day they can tell me license change I dont owe you shit!
    That can simply not be in my opinion if the casino upfront would offer fair or acceptableish solution with a big apology I tend to take alot more bs
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  14. Aug 6, 2015
  15. partyhummel

    partyhummel Senior Member mm1

    ex broker
    betty ford clinic

    "mild destruction" just added that to my arsenal of evil threats to dissocial a...holes...

    dont bother too much about spelling. i am usually typing from bed, using a radio keyboard (as can bee seen on my spelling) ;-)

    you may become impokite as you are the client. unfortunately casinos acting that way never change their mind after they decided to ripp you off - no matter how polite or impolite you are.

    they could have promoted a stop for depositing players from belgium months ago... in my eyes it is just close to betrayal what they are doing.

    rogue and thieves in my opinion gets close to the point. spread the word as much as you can (would recommend also a public complaint at askgamblers where they can respond and show how arrogant they really are - or grab the chance to still find a solution...

    another aspect: if that lsbet hutt doesnt even offer a refund of the 92 €- they might be not able to afford it? maybe they are neither solid nor reputable? shoud get a credit report of the operator... ;-)
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  16. Aug 6, 2015
  17. partyhummel

    partyhummel Senior Member mm1

    ex broker
    betty ford clinic
    btw i have an account there...

    but never ever used it because they were offering a tiny freebie (5 spins on starburst) and wanted a lot of work to do for it - and risk my reputation for promoting a maybe rogue cluvb on facebook...

  18. Aug 6, 2015
  19. Vermathi

    Vermathi Banned User : blackmail, abuse of forum membership

    I Will be happy to post it at more places but given the fact that they were enticed under intense pressure to hand me my deposit first( Ill take it as an advance).
    It is however still pending it could be in the hope that I play it away in on daring sportbet. I can tell them here and now it is just not going to happen :D
    I will wait for it to process in order to fully tell the story as it is and not go forward at this time. They would have better taken my 1post deal in the chats :lolup:
    But you are right not to work with them Its like pulling teeth from a tiger but its your own deposit!:eek:
    Not even mentioning my winnings LOL
  20. Aug 7, 2015
  21. paul7388

    paul7388 Meister Member MM

    not a lot
    glasgow scotland
    Okay not going to say I read every word of whats been posted but enough to get general idea.

    Yes it was bad that they never notified you that Belgium players were no longer accepted. They should have.

    But it was probably something they had to do quick as its been publicised lately about casinos getting fined etc. for accepting Belgian players and it has probably led to them pulling out.

    But really the rest of this is garbage. You are ranting on about how you want the money etc. and you signed up to play. They are trying to work something out but you just continue to tell them how you signed up to a bonus and you want it etc.

    The casino can no longer let you play so no point keeping going on about it to chat. If they could let you play then they would. Its not like you deposited and half an hour later you were logged out. You took the bonus days before and decision was made after that to stop accepting Belgian players.

    From what I see they are returning your deposit and offering you the same amount in free bets and trying to work something out for you. Is that good enough. Obviously not as you have basically threatened them that if they don't give you what you want then you will use forums etc to badmouth them.

    So to me it looks more like you are making all these posts in hope that casino will change their mind and give you all the bonus money that you hadn't even wagered completely yet. If not you will post about them till they change their mind. Lets call it blackmailing as that's what it is.

    But maybe you will get more luck on other forums as im sure you wont be around here much longer as this forum does not accept members signing up to exploit it and threaten casinos for their own gain. And as you posted several times in chat that you would make sure the casino lost customers and you would post about them unless they give you what you want then its plain to see what you are trying to achieve.
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  22. Aug 7, 2015
  23. partyhummel

    partyhummel Senior Member mm1

    ex broker
    betty ford clinic
    they didnt want to refund the deposit

    deposit should be forfeitet - at first they offered a 5 € bonus for sportsbetting and nothing more. than the deposit amount as max 100% bonus for a eposit on sportsbets...

    then after argueing a lot they offered to refund however the support guy david changed back to give it as deposit bonus in sportsbetting instead of refunding...


    I have read about license Problems for netent Video Slots at Belgium and an upcoming ban MONTHS ago. so the casino WAS AWARE OF THAT!

    GREED took place still accepting player signups from that region without even mentioning that there could be a quick lockout.

    i have no idea how many players from belgium were playing at that place who didnt fight for their deposits and how casino management is laughing at them.

    Usually I am not for public fighting against anyone but first try to find a solution in diescrete manner (like pab, but in the first place with the support staff who are usually very friendly and show huge interest in a satisfying solution for both sides)...

    However in this case it is imo morally the right way to spread it publicly because there might be hundreds of players who dont argue against their deposit confiscations and if only a few of them read his threads and show strenght and get back their money that is a good thing.

    as much as i hate it when people try to betray the casino by breaching the t & c´s in purpose and then publicly try to damage their reputation - what can often be read - as much I hate it when casinos try to fool their players who do nothing but play - with odds in favour of the casino. ;-)

    casinos are no social institutions and have to paytheir staff rent and earn money. thats all okay. however they have to act fair towards their players.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2015
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  24. Aug 7, 2015
  25. paul7388

    paul7388 Meister Member MM

    not a lot
    glasgow scotland
    There is a big difference between publicly letting people know what happened and blackmail tho.

    I agree that if a casino locks a player out then feel free to post on forums as a warning to others and to share your experience.

    The casino would probably have refunded his money anyway but he never asked for it he wanted more. As many people have posted before live chat is not always the most clued up and don't always know what they are doing properly.

    But point is that the OP has been offered his deposit back now and free bets in sports of same. If he had came ehre and explained his problem fine. But as his second live chat shows he is telling them that if they don't give him his winnings which he hadn't even got close to completing playthrough he would try and destroy them.

    He is now posting on forums and stating that unless casino pays him he will post even more. That is not complaining or being mad. That id trying to blackmail a casino into meeting your demands which is unnaceptable
  26. Aug 7, 2015
  27. partyhummel

    partyhummel Senior Member mm1

    ex broker
    betty ford clinic
    blackmailingis not okay, however...

    we have to be regarding the fact of a desperate client in belgium just should be ripped off by the casino. that can cause extreme anger and lead to very impulsive comments in a chat. especially if the support is as uncooperative and arrogant and uncommuznicative as in those two examples. well knowing that the client is in a weak position at the other side of the world. the casino itself protected by a parttime amateur run jurisdiction at an island somewhere in between cuba and venezuela...

    That fatally reminds me of that criminals from europlay casino who stole my 1266 Euro last year.

    I threatened their support to come over to curacao and beat the money out of his face.

    so i can really imagine how op is feeling and of course one sometimes says or types stupid things even in a disastrous chat.

    And please dio not state the casino was interested in a satisfying solution for its players. they first started moving after the player started to defend!

    there is not a single reason to prptect them from the hard earned blame they deserve.

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  28. Aug 7, 2015
  29. michielm1

    michielm1 Senior Member mm1

    teamleader/techical operator
    damn you are annoying in the chat. those ffers are dumb but damn you are annoying as hell
  30. Aug 7, 2015
  31. hedgehok

    hedgehok Meister Member mm3

    In your first chat session you where factual but in the second you went mental. I can absolutely understand that you dislike their offerings. You calculated a little bit around and you think you have a good chance to make a €500ish withdrawal considering your odds. However the casino, especially the support staff has no idea of all this and can only tell you that NOW all belgium customers are unable to play so you are technically unable to fulfill your wagering task. Terribly frustrating but nothing you can do. With the second chat you didn't do yourself a favour because now it's likely that this is not going to end with a mutual agreement.

    IMHO a payment of €300-400 would be okay to go. And if they are not willing to pay that you would at least have the option to PAB (Pitch-a-bitch) here and let Max have a look into that. He is very experienced and would likely have achieved more than you have by now.

    I know it's hard to restrain oneself when you feel treated like this. But don't rant in the chat with these poor fellows. They have to ask for everything with their pitboss.

    I would proceed like this:
    - Write a comprehensive and factual email to the management. Also let them know what you "expect" to get back. They can not let you play on, so consider things like 92€ refund and a big sportsbetting bonus as a possible option
    - If no agreement can be made consider to fill a PAB here
  32. Aug 7, 2015
  33. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    @Vermathi : you are in clear violation of the Posting Rules, especially the items regarding exploitation of your membership and blackmailing the casino (here). It's clear that you have registered here for the sole purpose of doing exactly that so I hereby terminate your Casinomeister membership.

    Thread title changed because the OP was using it as blackmail.
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  34. Aug 17, 2015
  35. Vermathi2

    Vermathi2 Banned User, second account

    I accept your lifeban but feel I have not blackmailed them with casinomeistername I have asked to post publicly without ANY GAIN HERE .
    I after a hard battle just got my deposit back.... WHAT A BLACKMAILING DAEMON I AM.

    Dont get me wrong I AM AN ASSHOLE but I am right to get my money back and I did not use hard talk and made the post here first after warning them!
    Then I KINDLY made them aware of this post wich to a certain extent they agreed to.

    Have a wonderfull time and life but I think you have misinterpreted my intentions I did not care about the money anymore I would just like to hurt them :D

    Bye! You can obviously close this one too

    (I kinda saw myself posting on the regular here , its seems nice, but hey rules are rules , could be funny to ;))
  36. Aug 17, 2015
  37. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    As you say. Goodbye again.
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  38. Aug 17, 2015
  39. Deeplay

    Deeplay New World Order CAG mm1 webmeister

    Works For Self
    The biG Eu
    Thank god he has gone. What a PITA!!!

    They are ways and then they are ways to deal with problems such as these. Threats and other bollocks are just wrong imo.

    Good call Max! Dont need this kind of crap here.
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