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Apr 21, 2015

Hello dear Meisters,

When playing casino online you are sometimes requested to send in documents to verify your account details. It is a security process that all operators in the industry need to follow, and the purpose of it is to protect both players and operators by ensuring the safety of both parts involved in a online transaction. There seems to be a lot of posts and issues about the verification process at various online casinos. I will post some general guidelines and explain why verification is sometimes needed. I hope this post will show helpful for those curious about or currently in a verification process.

Please note that this post is general and not Casumo-specific, different casinos may also have different procedures.

Why do I need to verify my account?
The two most common ones are 1) to meet regulatory demands and 2) to determine that the cash flow in and out of the casino("operator") is lawful. To decrease the financial risk for both the operator AND the beneficiary(the player) of the source of the funds. Many times it’s a combination of those two as well. Anyone can register an account at most casinos under false details quite easily, and for the same reasons as you have to show your ID card entering a physical casino, the online casinos needs to have tools of verifying their players.

When do I need to verify my account?
This varies between different casinos, some rarely ask for verification unless they have to, others would always require verification on your first withdrawal request. Normally there would be systems in the background running checks to discover any "high-risk" or fraudulent transactions/activity, also random checks are common on most sites. I am sure many of you have or will experience a situation where you had withdrawals processed without verification before, but then out of nowhere got a verification request on your next one. This would most likely have to do with you having accumulated a certain amount of withdrawals, at a certain point, the operator is actually required by regulations to request a verification of your account. Finally, small or no deposits (ND free spins on Registration) that end up in big withdrawals will almost always require verification.

What kind of documents are requested?
Generally speaking, a casino would normally want to verify your age, identity, residence and deposit/withdrawal methods. If you for example use VISA for your deposit, normally you´d be able to withdraw back to this card. Should you then need to verify your account, you would need to send in back and front of this card (with some numbers masked for security reasons), a picture of your ID/Passport or Drivers License, and something that proves your address. To proof your address Casinos generally request a Utility Bill and this could be a lot of things, it can be for water, electricity or your phone bill. If you on the other hand deposit with MasterCard, most likely you won´t be able to withdraw the money back to the MasterCard and need to use another withdrawal method. Bank Transfer is one way to go, so in the case of you depositing with a MasterCard and withdrawing to your bank account, the casino would need both the card pictures to verify your deposit as well as a bank statement to see the account you are making withdrawals too really is yours.

Identity: Good quality copy of either ID-card, Passport or Drivers License. Full card must be visible with all four corners, for passport the two pages you see when you look at your details needs to be fully visible.

Debit/Credit cards: Front and back of used card. On the front side you should always cover the digits 7-12, in other words the first 6 digits and the last 4 has to be visible. On the backside you must have signed the card and also cover the CVV-code (the last 3 numbers on the backside). Note that the quality has to be good, and when it is, normally you can see what numbers are on the front side even when you are looking at the backside. It´s OK or even mandatory to cover this part on the backside so that the numbers are not visible. If you have sent a picture of your full card it doesn´t necessarily mean you should be worried, normally the operator would cover these details digitally before storing it encrypted on safe servers.

Utility Bill: The more "official" the better, water or electricity bill works perfectly, but normally most bills would actually do. As long as it´s of good quality where your full name and address is clearly visible, as well as all four corners of the document, it would normally get accepted by most casinos. Today it´s common that people only receive bills digitally, in this case a screenshot of this is normally accepted as well.

Bank Statement: You can get this from your bank or simply login to your internet-bank and take a screenshot of a suitable page. Normally "Account overview" will show your accounts, their number as well as your name. It is important that your full name and the full account number is visible. Sometimes a operator could request a bank statement showing your transaction to/from that casino. If you do not have a page that shows both the transaction and your full name, it should at least show your account number and you could then send in both the transaction and the account overview to have it verified.

E-Wallet: If you deposit or withdraw to a e-wallet such as Skrill or Neteller, to verify this the operator can request mainly a screenshot of your "profile", showing your User ID/registered email and name. The operator could request a screenshot of a specific transaction from this method as well.

If you play at more than one casino and occasionly try out a new one, it can come in handy to have these documents prepared and ready in a folder somewhere safe on your computer or on a pen drive. Make sure you have all the documents in order and next time you need to verify yourself you will be able to instantly provide all that is needed without much, if any, fuzz.

May the slot-gods always be with you!


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