Verified game errors at Playtech, Rival and Dragonfish (888)


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Feb 17, 2012
Afternoon all,

I just wanted to quickly bring a couple of articles I've just posted to everyone's attention.

Firstly we have the somewhat good - an issue with Playtech Video Poker game Pick 'Em Poker that has been corrected;

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Then we have the not-so-good and bad - mispays on both the Dragonfish (888 group) and Rival Baccarat games that received no response (Dragonfish) and dismissal (Rival);

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Both of the above issues, whether they were managed properly or not, demonstrate weakness in the game testing side of the industry. If games were being properly tested these sorts of things wouldn't happen. While I don't think this failing is in anyway unique to these software providers, the differing attitudes when we tried to contact them - Playtech = prompt response, Dragonfish = no response, Rival = pretend there isn't a problem - for me says a lot about the providers.

As mentioned elsewhere Rival has responded to some of these issues. The segment of that response related to this thread is as follows:
The Baccarat 'issue' will be resolved, The graphic on the table will be updated to show 'for' instead of 'to' as in ' 9 for 1.' It's been put into the queue and will be updated as soon as possible.

As for game testing, all slot games have been tested and certified by Old / Expired Link in order to meet Isle of Man gaming license requirements. There are business reasons why this isn't published on the RP site. I can introduce you to our representative at SQS who can confirm to you directly that the games have been tested and certified, if need be.
I do not no if on the right track but the multy hand have many of decks of cards? so bound to get repeats?

If I am of the track than the testing is rubbish? But I am not surprised about that as I think its all rubbish any way, Most probs the same person owns the testing company or it will end up in the the same pockets

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