venice nights?


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Oct 31, 2005
still progressing
Does anynone know venice nights casino?
I want to try it but dont like to "buy a cat in the sack" (hmm- tried to translate a german proverb :rolleyes: )
I've played there. It's ok. I have also cashed out there, but it was only $37 more than I deposited :) Took a few days, but it was over a weekend.

Not sure what other peoples experience is. I found some of the slots extremely stingy while others had a typical up and down cycle.
I want to try it but dont like to "buy a cat in the sack"
Funny you should say that because, as I was going to Saint Ives..........
I saw your post about this software was a while ago, do you not think the glitches were fixed? I understand this is common when the software is new.

I was able to get my balance up to $600 from a $20 deposit, ill keep you all updated when I cash out.

I cashed out without a problem here, was within 48 hours, seems to be a good casino. It is a small operation, not as big as many of the casinos out there.
They refused to honor their terms. Confiscated my winnings. They hardly ever answer emails. Their slots have terrible payouts as far as I can tell. This has to be a rogue casino.

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