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Aug 4, 2001
I went to advisce her at this site and it said Opps how in the hell did that happen ? so I am asking for advice here please if the Admin could tell what to do in this matter.
I had $100 in my account at Vegasusa casino and I played for days and then wanted to cash out, on there web site it says your money to your door in 4 to 7 days, when i go to check the status of it it says "work in progress" so I have spoke to Reps for days know and they told me that the casino is having problems and they dont know when they can pay me? e What the heck? It is only $70.00 I said you cant even give me a time frame on when you think ylu can pay me and they said NO.
Oops! How the hell did that happen? Since the forum upgrade, some of the links need to be redone. Thanks for the heads up.

You shouldn't have received an answer such as this from VegasUSA Casino. I'll see if they have a comment on this. In the meantime, feel free to send me your user name and I'll see if they will expedite your $70.


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Oops, I'm off topic. Now how about that VegasUSA?

That's a shame that vegasUSA is acting shady now. I know at one point (about 2 months ago), I played there and they paid me via overnight express mail (4 days between cashin and receipt of check) for no extra charge. I gues online casinos are constantly changing?
I've been dealing with VegasUSA for years when they were running the Grand Virtual software, and most often my experiences were good ones. When I think back, I actually made quite a bit of money there. Most often payouts were quick, and were almost always sent by Fed-Ex or UPS express. I bought in for $1 at each of thier 3 casinos and got $90 free. I cashed out with $500 just from that experience alone. I came to rely on the friendly, courteous support of E-Casino Services.

In January 2002, VegasUSA switched to Microgaming software.

In March, VegasUSA decided to STEAL money from WINNERS that resided in certain countries.
(Most notably: Denmark) Many players were completely legitimate. These players followed all terms/conditions on the VegasUSA website.

VegasUSA claimed that it was receiving an excessive number of chargebacks and other fraudulent actvities from players in certain countries. So the casino banned anyone from these countries from using its casino. In Feb/March, players had thier winnings VOIDED and were refunded thier deposit only.

The problem was that these WINNERS had played PRIOR to VegasUSA changing its rules to ban those countries. VegasUSA seized winnings from these players without ANY justification.


This is fraud alright. But its not by the players.

Spearmaster tried to convince the casino to do the RIGHT thing, and PAY ITS PLAYERS. But it seems neither the casino or Alan Fletcher could care less.
VegasUSA are simple thieves and nothing else. The accusations from the casino are ridicolous.

In my opinion, VegasUSA is just about to beat the TVS-casinos in the 'World's Worst Casino' award.
Dave R writes that players were payed back there deposits in Feb/March. I was one of the costumers that had my accounts, at both Vegas USA and it's sister Vegas Online, locked in August 2001. At that time the casinos said that they would pay back the players that had not committed fould play with in 6 mounts.
I did contact the casinos in the beginning of March this year but have heard nothing from them.
Today I still have not been payed back and of course I have not recieved my winnings.
Are there other players in the same situation, or is it just me?
I had a cash out from VegasUSA from the middle of June that hadn't been paid. I sent an email to as instructed on the website. They didn't respond immediately so I was a little worried that it was just a stall technique.

They did respond and apologized for not responding immediately. Apparently they are getting a lot of duplicate (sometimes 4 or 5)emails from players and it is slowing down their response time because they have to sort through who has been helped and who hasn't been helped.

They refunded my cashout to my Paypal account.

I also asked about "casinokeld's" statements about locked accounts. Vegas USA and Vegas Online are not/were not related. Totally different groups. They also said that they never locked accounts in August 2001. I guess casinokeld has the wrong casino.

Vegas USA is now using a different company to handle all of their customer support and cashouts. Proc Cyber is the one doing all the cashouts. I know that some have problems with them but I never have. I have always been paid by the Micro casinos that use Proc.

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