Vegastowers- Is this standard?


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Feb 20, 2005
I'm pretty new to online casinos. Just wanted to see if this is typical of this casino or was the cs mistaken(I hope) :( . I made a w/d of 100.00 yesterday and had the account flushed. Was told by the cs rep this would be paid today or tomorrow. Called to make sure I didn't need to fax anything and was told it wasn't processed yet .They are holding the w/d for EIGHT days because I used firepay. Anybody else have this happen? Emailed the fortunelounge rep also, but I figured I'd get a quicker response here. Thanks
That's normal. Firepay purchases aren't authorized in real time, so they need to wait to be sure that your deposit clears before they give you the withdrawal. Unscrupulous people could (and have) used Firepay and Neteller Instacash to effect a pseudo-cash advance or steal money by overdrafting their accounts to deposit, and they proverbially screwed it up for all of us by forcing the casinos to cover their asses with these delays.

Once your first deposit has cleared, they may ease up on you and not wait so long.

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