Vegaspartnerlounge - first time impressed, to be continued ?


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Aug 16, 2010
I´ve opened many accounts at vpl and got a bonus at them by invitation. Till now there were only problems with them: bonus not credited in time, wrong bonus sum (corrected 2 times after contacting rep).
I never was able to withdraw because lost the money all to quick. Today i opened an account at crazy vegas (invitation). Won nothing at freeplay but was promised a 100 % up to 100.
I deposited and began to play (i knew that the bonus would take long time and i wanted to play this evening :) ).
And without the bonus still credited i had some big hits in short time. So i was able to withdraw a decent sum. After a desastrous month with many played back wins (mainly at 32red), i decided to try a flush.
Went in chat and the supporter flushed my withdraw instantly. Well done !
Now i´m hoping my documents are accepted as quick as from other casinos and i can imagine to play more often at this group.


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Aug 16, 2010
First update: Dokuments uploaded via Casino Software. Upload confirmed. Now got mail that nothing was uploaded...


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Aug 16, 2010
Second update: Sent dokuments per Mail and withdrawal processed at Monday after documents check. I´m very satisfied with vpl and it will be my second choice after 32red that offer more deposit bonuses at this time.


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Jan 17, 2011

I've played with Maple since it opened, flushing is never a problem and usually recieve winnings to MB within 24 hours and if requesting a check then recieved within 2 business days by courier....overall they are a good outfit to play with and are reliable.

Congrats on your win..:)


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Mar 13, 2008
XWell, I am not quite as impressed. I received an invite to Maple Casino (it used my name), spent my time downloading and reading every danged word of End License Agreement, Terms and Conditions and Promotional Terms and Conditions before checking off the little box that said I had.

Then I played their 1 hour free play for an hour. Didn't win anything, but there was supposed to be a Deposit 40, get 100 first deposit bonus, and 50 bonus spins on Loaded. Contacted support, LiveChat rep told me I didn't qualify as I had taken this offer before at another casino.

You are now chatting with Erin

Erin: Welcome! It is great to have you with us. I am here to help you with anything you might need assistance with! :)
Me: Hi Erin Linda XXXXXXXxx vmcr00xxxxxxxxMe: I got an email offer with $1250 free play, but I didn't win anything
Erin: 'Let me look into that for you, one moment for me please. While I am reviewing your account could you please provide me with the following: Casino account number, full name, telephone number, date of birth, residential address and email address?

Also did you know web wallets are a more secure and convenient way to make successful deposits on your account, find out more at:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Erin: Win Your Share Of A Guaranteed 10,000 Euro Prizepool! Crazy Vegas and Golden Riviera are hosting a 10K Guaranteed Freeroll Slots Tourney just for you! Registration Opens: 30/11/[email protected]:00 GMT Tournament Ends: 10/12/2011 @22:00 GMT Game: Thunderstruck Entry : FREE !!! Would you like to know how to register for the tournament ?
Me: personal info blah blah
Me: If it's the same as other MG tourneys, I know how to join, ty
Me: and the dates you gave me, it's over Erin
Erin: Unfortunately you will not be able to take advantage of the initial match offer as you have already taken advantage of said offer on a different account and as per the terms and conditions of the casino you will only be able to take advantage of this offer on one casino per household. I am really sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Me: well, it said unless invited
Me: and I got an email that used my first name at least
Me: I haven't played Maple, I didn't think
Me: I do have memberships in some other VPL casinos
Erin: That is correct, on Sun Vegas
Me: but I went and read the terms before agreeing, and the bonus terms
Me: and it said unless invited, I did get an invite
Me: would you like me to forward a copy of the email? It used my name, not just my email address like most spam
Erin: I am sorry but you do not qualify
Me: why do you send me an invite then?
Me: promotional terms say unless invited
Erin: I am sorry it was sent out in error
Me: well, you have made me waste my time
Erin: I am sorry
Me: so the "unless invited" is not true
Me: in your terms
Me: you don't even want the email, to see who or why it was sent?
Erin: I am sorry but there is nothing I can dofor you
Me: I understand that as a CSR you might be limited, but surely there is someone I can email regarding this
Erin: I am really sorry but there is no way to do that
Me: no way to email the casino?
Me: to give me an email address?
Erin: [email protected]
Me: ty... will this chat give me an option to receive a transcript of this chat
Erin: That is correct

Ending chat DID NOT give me an option to receive one.... I've ran into that before though, so I had blocked and copied it.

Do they not realize how much this puts off existing players? I'll never take any of the offers I receive on existing accounts because I've lost all faith. I opened two accounts a long time ago, the second one at SunVegas because the freespins offer didn't work at CrazyVegas at the suggestion of the chat rep, and one more recently at Golden Riviera.