Vegasmagic and slotfever??


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Apr 20, 2003
I notice they have alot of traffic, but i never here about them. Do any one play them on a regular.
bethug said:
I notice they have alot of traffic, but i never here about them. Do any one play them on a regular.

These casinos are part of a fairly large operation, Play United I belive. Other casinos that are part of this group include Vegas Frontier, Palace of Chance, BetNetClub, BetMax, Play United and I think there are a couple of others. As far as I know they are reputable and have taken over some of the failed RTG outfits. I cash out small amounts from Slot Fever and Vegas Magic and get paid within a couple of days, they are very strict when it comes to the fax back forms and ID, even for $60.00 cashouts they required them.
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These folks don't necessarily own these operations - they are probably master licensors who manage the casinos for the owners.

Play United Management Group (RTG software)

Plaza 2000, 4th Floor,
Via General Nicanor A. de Obarrio
Panama, Panama Panama
242 822 5444
All those casinos that are listed are just the PlayUnited Casino casino. If you have an account with one you cannot have an account with any of the other ones. You can purchase the private label package from PlayUnited and they make you a website with your logos etc. and then the software is the unlabelled Play United RTG casino. The casinos I mentioned; Vegas Magic, Vegas Frontier, Slot Fever, BetNetClub, BetMax, Palace of Chance, and a few others are affiliated with this Play United, maybe not owned but managed. These are all seperate and you can have an account with each of them. I thought they were all owned by the same group as their websites are very similar, and they all have the same 'Player Certification Program'. The emails I received from all of them were from the same person as well.
black and jet , i dont know how many times i got fooled by fake front casino, download the casino and find out it a casino i already have account with. So now i check the rtg main page.

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