VegasCrest bonus trap/scam


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Jul 6, 2010
Here is a new scam I haven't seen before online in my 25 tears of playing. Vegascrest offers an Advant calendar promotion. everyday they offer a new bonus. I had 0 in my account and decided to claim the free 10.00 live dealer bonus. Great I thought. I have never done a live dealer before. So I claim it. It sits in my account for a week because the live dealer IS LOCKED!. Apparently they do not have a live dealer. To make matters worse it showed my account as having zero left on my subsequent deposit with bonus I made sure to zero out my account prior to depositing and playing again. Well, the $10.00 live dealer bonus was still there. It is in my balance in the cashier. So my account was not zeroed out when I deposited. So now I have 70X playthrough instead of 35X. About 15k instead of 7500.

To make this even worse... they do not remove coupons from accounts. So now I permanently have a 10.00 coupon trapped in my account with no way to use it since they do not even have a live dealer. They don't offer a live dealer LOL. So I will be faced with 35x35x35 on my next deposit.

They said they will try and convert it to a casino bonus now so I can play it. I hope they do. But I shouldn't be faced with a 70x playthrough due to this hidden little trick. LOL. I thought I had seen it all. This is one for the books!!

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