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Nov 19, 2002
I tried a new Microgaming casino named Vegas Towers. I deposited $100 and ran it up to $309 and made a cashout. This is unusual as I seem to usually lose my butt on Microgaming casinos. I have the worst luck it seems, at Microgaming sites. Anyway, they said I did not play enough. Perhaps I only was there a week or so. I don't remember. But I think I played mostly slot machines, baccarat, and carribean poker. I tried to log on and found I am locked out. I have never been locked out of a Microgaming casino before and I have lost my butt in quite a number of them. They should love to see me coming. I almost never win.

I thought they were trustworthy? Their support said I am to be put on a high risk data base. You know what? I think THEY need to be put on a high risk data base.

They said you didn't play enough??? :wtf: Who told you this under what context? Did you receive a bonus and not meet the terms and conditions? If you forward me your account number I'll have someone check into this. Sounds strange.
Thankyou. Yes, it was the 100 for 100 new player bonus. I only played
about $1200 worth of action. Anyway, at least I think that is about how
much they got. I can't get in to check their Playcheck, of course. But my
action was in slots and baccarat and carribean poker. I was lucky to be
ahead. I thought their website required 5 times play through. Maybe I
misread it. Their first email says I owe them $652 more action. But then I
got locked out before I could play again.

Anyway, their first email was about returning their bonus to my account.
That is when I went back to play some more and found out I was locked out.
I guess I shouldn't have cashed out so soon but I was pretty thrilled that
for once I was ahead. They are relying on information that they say they
cannot reveal to me. I think it is reasonable of me to want to know why
they're going to keep my $309. If I had lost the $100 I bet they sure would
have kept it.

Now they say that I cannot receive any of my $309 in a second email. I
exchanged emails a few times but they don't really give me a reason for
lockout. Some guy named Thomas replied. My account is VTRxxxxxxxx.

I have never had this kind of problem with a Microgaming site and it
surprised me. I thought they were pretty straight. I won fair and square
and it looks like they're going to keep the money. Swell.

I just looked again and I guess I can access their Playcheck. At the end of it, it looks like they reversed my bonus. Which is fine with me. They can wipe with it. But when I found out I was locked out, I asked the support 3 times what about my money and it sounded like I wasn't going to get any of it. Maybe, they are going to send me the balance. I don't know. The support guy wasn't very helpful. He offered very little help or info. But he did say I will go into a high risk database. Oh fine. If I ever go into another casino will they lock me out too? This has never happend before and I have been gambling online for over a year. I am hooked. I lose but I still enjoy it. I don't know why.

I don't remember what their wagering requirements are - some are requiring a 6x playthru, but many casinos now are requiring 10x playthru. If you don't meet the wagering requirements and attempt to make a withdrawal, then they do tell you there will be consequences. Some casinos take away your bonus in that situation, and some casino lock your account in that situation. I'd urge you to check their rules on wagering requirements, and on what happens when you try to withdraw money before you've met the wagering requirements.

The reason I focused on the wagering requirements is because you stated in your last post that you played baccarat. When you read the wagering rules, you'll see that they state that baccarat won't count toward your wagering requirements. I haven't run into a casino that DOES allow you to count baccarat play toward your wagering requirements - there might be a few casinos out there somewhere that do, but I know Vegas Towers doesn't.

If you read the bonus rules on their website, I think you will discover the basis for your problems. See exactly what they say the consequences are when you attempt to cash out before meeting the wagering requirements for the bonus, and also see what they say about baccarat. Then I'd suggest calling them, telling them you made a mistake and didn't realize baccarat didn't count toward your wagering requirements. Take responsibility for having made a mistake, tell them you realize you should have read the rules more carefully and called them if you didn't understand them, and ask them if they're willing to work with you on this by returning the funds to your account, unlocking it, and letting you meet the wager requirements now that you understand them - and tell them you will meet all their requirements as stated in the rules before trying to make a withdrawal.
They might be willing to work with you in some way, if you take responsibility for having made a mistake in not reading all the requirements. However, they might not, and depending on how they state their bonus requirements, they may be well within the stated rules by locking your account. However, there might be additional reasons for why they locked your account, and only the casino can know that. And when you talk to the casino, remember to keep your cool and not blow up at them, call them names, etc. - when you do that, they're far less willing to work with you on a situation like this; but taking responsibility, being polite, and keeping calm can go a long way when you're asking the casino to forgive an error and allow you to have a chance to go back and fix that error by meeting all the requirements.

This is a good time, once again, to remind everyone how important it is to read the bonus rules very carefully before accepting a bonus, so you can decide if the bonus is worth the requirements for you, and if you accept the bonus, so you can make sure you meet all requirements before you attempt a withdrawal.
Good luck.
Thanks for the advice. I have been polite with them. And also, their terms and conditions say that Craps and Roulette do not count towards wagering requirements. The game of baccarat is not mentioned. Besides, I played mostly slots and Carribean Poker. I would think that because I play those two games mostly that they would welcome me since I am a self-admitted sucker. I can't help it. I just like slots and Carribean Poker. The odds are against me but that's why they call it gambling. I enjoy the occasional win. But things like this take the fun out of it.

I did manage to reach Support this morning. And they did send me a statement. Perhaps they know I posted to this forum. I am still pretty confused about it all. I guess I will just have to be patient and see if they pay me.

Thanks for the advice though. Regarding baccarat, they do not prohibit that game, only craps and roulette.

This in from the casino last night:

Dear Bryan,

I investigated the issue and would like to answer as follows:

It was found that the player was linked to other players and that there were
unique similarities between these accounts in terms of the registration
information supplied by them.

Vegas Towers, being a relatively new casino, maintains a strict lock-out
policy on accounts that prove to be fraudulent. We have seen several casinos
getting burnt by fraudulent activity, and we are simply not prepared to run
the same risk. This does not mean that we will just lock any account if we
only suspect it to be suspicious. Accounts are only locked if we have enough
evidence to substantiate the decision. Unfortunately, the decision to lock
Paul's account was made after he purchased and wagered.

According to our copies of correspondence with Paul, he has been informed
that the money he was trying to cash in was our free money and that he had
not met the wagering requirements applicable to the promotion. On
discovering the links with other accounts, he was then informed that his
account was locked and he was supplied with the reasons thereof.

We have already arranged to refund his purchase of $100 back to his Neteller
account. Unfortunately $220 of the cash in he tried to make was FREE MONEY
he received, and will not be refunded.

VP Operations
Until I just read what you are saying, I was still not clear what you were going to do. I thought you were going to keep the $100, and give me my winnings of $209. Now you say I'm not even going to get that.

I cannot believe that you are making all this up. There must be some valid reason that you think you have some security issue here. But I HAVE played at just about every Microgaming sight in the last year. So what? And being linked to other players? I just don't know what you're talking about. I have NEVER been at Vegas Towers before and I absolutely do NOT know anyone else who has either. You are confused about this issue or you are just ripping me off. You will not even give evidence of what you are saying.

You must be confusing me with another Paul or whatever. And I am still not sure what you are even saying is a "crime". If I knew friends that played at your place, so what? Don't you want a lot of players? But I don't, anyway. You're new, for crying out loud. What does this mean that I am "linked to other players?" I don't even know what this means? You are so vague and confusing to me.

I think this is about the last straw with Microgaming casinos for me. Although I love the games, the slots, the graphics, etc., I rarely win at your software. For one thing, your blackjack dealer has got to be one of the luckiest in the universe. I'm not kidding. He just doesn't like to bust very much, does he? It seems to me that he is dealing from a "different" deck than the player is. He hits a lot of small cards when he has a stiff. So if there is something wrong with your blackjack, and I don't know that for sure, then how can I trust your other games. Unfortunately, I did love playing there. But enough is enough. I can't win there, and then when I do win, you manage to "create" this scenario you're talking about and keep my winnings.

Of course, if I had lost as usual, you would have kept the money and I wouldn't be writing this.

What a bad taste this has left. What in the world are you talking about when you say it "was free money?" Maybe the bonus was free money, but how do you figure the winnings were? I won that $309 fair and square. You are absolutely cheating me out of my winnings and I just don't know what else to say.

Dear Vegas Towers,

Where is the fraud? You are accusing me of fraud? Where is it? I bought in, played slots and Carribean Poker, got lucky and won a couple hundred, and you're not going to pay me. Sounds to me like YOU'RE the fraudulent one.

I didn't do anything wrong to you. You're the one that's not paying.

What I'd like to know is whether anyone else has played and won at this new casino and have they paid.

This is so strange. Despite the above exchange of words, I received my money by mail today.

I have been paid in full by Vegas Towers.

Thank you.

Hey Paul1, sorry for bringing this old thread up again but did they lock your accounts forever?
sirius said:
Hey Paul1, sorry for bringing this old thread up again but did they lock your accounts forever?

Wow. That's an old one. This was actually my fault and I was still pretty new to this online gambling when this happened.

I don't know if I'm locked out. I put this behind me and would never try another Fortune Lounge again. Again, this was not their fault. It was my fault. It's kind of a long story. And I guess I could download it and take a look if I'm locked out if you want. It's not on this computer and I can't access the computer that I installed it on.

Again, that was not their fault, it was my fault. :oops: Oh, and I remember that my account at other Fortune Lounges got locked. I don't know if they are still locked. I was even thinking of trying the poker rooms from them last year but I figured that would be asking for trouble so I never did.
I meant to ask whether they were correct about your account being linked to other accounts somehow or was it something to do with the wagering requirements not being met?
sirius said:
I meant to ask whether they were correct about your account being linked to other accounts somehow or was it something to do with the wagering requirements not being met?

Well, I'd like to put this behind me. I was new to online gambling and still immature about that. My computer was old and crashed. I signed up for a new casino on someone else's computer. That person had played at other Fortune Lounge casinos. Being a newbie, I had no clue that a problem awaited.

I stedfastly believe that casinos have a need to protect themselves. I am sure that Fortune Lounge is a legitimate group of honorable casinos. I do not think they cheat people, instead I believe they are one of the good guys. Besides, they paid me and that matter was resolved.

After this I bought a new computer for myself. Now there is no problem.

That casino is a good casino. They were right, and I was wrong. I'd like to forget about it.

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