Bonus Complaint Vegas Strip ripped me off!!!!


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Aug 28, 2009
Okay, so first they send me the free coupons....$50 Here, $50 there, apreciating my buisness.
So, today i get yet another "appreciation bonus" that i cash in to play, and as it is redeemed, it tells me what my playthrough amount is, so i begin to play, and win $900 and some odd dollars. So the first thing i do is check with the cashier to see how much playthrough is left. I return to the games, and check back at $700, at which times it states that it is withdrwable, so i withdraw.
I then left for work, came back and decided to check the status. The balance was 0, not seeing anything about my $700, contact live chat..........At which time i am informed the money is gone, too many coupons.........WTF??
I ask the csr, why do you guys keep sending me coupons then? She doesn't know, tells me to call their number. I speak to some guy who tells me that casino bonuses are "play" money and cannot be withdrawn. So i ask, why do you inform me of my play through amount, if it is not real? Again he tells me you cannot make a withdrawal from a coupon because it's not real money.
I want my money!!!
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Sep 26, 2004
If it was one and the same casino (RTG) then you cannot claim 2 successive ND bonuses. I believe the casino you mentioned is either connected to the Virtual Group or Coolcat. They regularly showered me with 'appreciation chips' in the past. I suppose you havent deposited a single dime of your money and only claimed the ND bonuses. I wont hold out much hope of you being paid if they are the casinos I mentioned above.


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Aug 16, 2009
I get these chips in my mailbox about every two weeks. Yet if you read the fine print underneath it says you cannot redeem ND chips consecutively. You have to make a deposit between the two. Still on that same note I don't think I'd ever put real money into them for one because there bonuses are so outragiously high it seems like an impossibility to win. Two because after reading some of the rogish things they've done I don't think I"d even trust them with my security documents.


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Oct 14, 2004
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This is a DELIBERATE trap that Virtual casinos use. Normally, it is operated to scam DEPOSITING players out of larger wins, so that the eventual RTP given back to the player (as received withdrawals) is FAR lower than the 95% "standard", which makes no allowance for confiscated payouts.

Virtual group is unusual in that, apparently, depositing WITHOUT a bonus after playing WITH a bonus is "bonus abuse", and this is the less than credible explanation they offer for NEEDING the rule that carries over the max cashout on a coupon onto future UNBONUSED deposits.

In effect, they are saying "our software is not random, but RTP compensated", since this is how it WOULD be "bonus abuse" to deposit with a huge bonus and "deliberately lose", and then deposit WITHOUT a bonus and take advantage of RTP compensation and win.

The free chip trap is a little different, they KNOW FULL WELL what they are doing, they are trying to trick players into claiming 2 or more consecutive free chips by bombarding their inboxes with them. This then allows use of an obscure term that can mean the player has no chance of ever making a decent withdrawal from a big win.

Even if you DO read all the fine print, and play by the rules, Virtual do not. They will look for another excuse not to pay, or to delay payment by WEEKS, or even MONTHS.

Players who regularly go "on tilt", and lose far more than they ever request in withdrawals will NOT usually get the run around, they will be showered with generous bonus offers to bring back any withdrawals as soon as possible. If one of these players gets a really BIG win though, they will see a change of mood, and suddenly find they are out of favour, and waiting on delays and excuses to get their money.


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Oct 30, 2008
If you played two consecutive free chips the money probably isn't yours in the first place. A couple of Rogue casinos used to send me these a year or so ago before I learned what rogue was. But I did know you couldn't play two of them in a row without a deposit in between. It was in the TOS.

I actually did that myself once simply by mistake. I won a small amount but when I tried to make a withdrawal I was told I played two consecutive free chips. I checked my account history and it was true. I had a little chat with them about their software allowing me to claim bonuses I didn't qualify for but in the end I shrugged my shoulders and went on my way.

It's hard enough to get your money out of these casinos when you follow the rules. If you don't it's impossible.