vegas strip - have I lost forever?


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Jun 25, 2003
Hi everyone

I was owed quite a bit of money by a couple of vegas strip casinos. I do not really know much about casino news, but it seems vegas strip have just bust.

I have read the latest article by casino meister, about someone possbily taking them over.
Do you think I could get back some of my money and if so how?

Thanks for any advice or ideas

This is the latest we have, Coulthard other than a comment I saw at WOL today that RTG had actually replied to one complainant telling him they were trying to resolve his issue and asking him to be patient.

Any response on complaints is surprising from the RTG crew, and this may be just a flash in the pan that leads nowhere for the many other complainants, but at least it is a sign that someone at RTG is alive and breathing!


It's eerie, really...

You're in a business where credibility and honesty are important, and you have a lame licensee that's building up lots of bad karma for your company by not treating the consumers right....yes, we're talking about The Vegas Strip group and software provider Real Time Gaming a change of ownership may be the remedy.

Along comes what you hope is a *white knight* in the form of another of your licensees who is prepared to take over the ailing TVS group if the deal is sweet enough. Enter Warren Cloud aka Don Fortune of Crystal Palace and sisters.

Initially, Mr. Cloud is quite proud of taking over four additional, if somewhat soiled casinos and boasts that all legitimate claims will be honoured. However, when questions are asked regarding hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to a large number of former TVS players, the ducking and diving on what is....and more importantly is not....included in the agreement of sale, starts.

Most businessmen would have a clear picture of what their agreement embraces. That's what due diligence procedures are all about. So it should not be a difficult matter to issue a joint press release with the other parties to the agreement and clarify exactly who is responsible for what.

Those other parties would be the former owner of TVS, who some claim is a naughty fellow when it comes to claiming players have been paid when they have not, and the head honcho at Real Time Gaming Michael Staw who has been extensively copied on emails to and from *Don Fortune*

It is an urgent issue, because players remain unpaid, and more are being turned away from the new TVS owners. Yet a blanket of silence from Cloud and Staw has apparently descended on the dispute, leaving everyone to wonder what in hell is happening?

See what we mean about "eerie"? Or is there some benefit, somewhere to this confusion?

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