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Apr 15, 2000
Noone seems to complain about this group but it's obvious they don't know what they are doing. In the end they will have no way of paying everyone because they seem to give everyone around $100 a week free in bonuses. They'll need to open a new casino every few weeks to get enough money coming in to pay everyone from the rest of their casinos. I doubt they can afford to spend so much. I just hope people realise that they might just disappear pretty soon.

I've only been playing them for a few months but I've noticed that they seem to think it's alright to cancel withdrawels with no reason. You log in a month after withdrawing and find it's sitting there in your account and you didn't even reverse it.
It seems like a month at times but eworld and AOL at least are only processing cc withdrawals once a week now.Also on other forums I notice people are having problems with the casinos accepting the faxform requirements.They do reverse your withdrawal if they dont have the form and they dont advise you.If this has happened I suggest you refax your form put a covering letter on it and email as well as call to confirm receipt. While not at this forum I have made a few cooments of late as to the drop in standards anf reduced paytables- still better or equal to most but nowhere near as good as they used to be.

A postscript to the above- I played om wednesday night at eworld- cashed in 500 . sent a backup email to support noting that they only process on thursdays per there website and specifying the request for the cashout to be processed in thursday 17th.

Knowing my reversal habits I deleted the casino. Just redownloaded as it is the 18th and the cashin should have gone and guess what- it hasn't been processed.

Once a week is bad enough but then not processing on that day is really sloppy, bad customer service and unfortunately a growing trend at vegas strip sites.

Very fed up

Well, I have sent off two "please explain" emails which have recieved no response (as is usual with regards to cashins).

I am so disappointed with the downhilltrend at vegas strip . Since the begining of the year when they started there weekend "specials" the following has resulted

1) slow down in customer support from hours to days (if at all)

2) full pay VP games downgraded to 8/5

3) cashins only processed once a week (in theory)

4) bonus requirements up from 2*2 to 3*3 and I notice this week 4*4.

5) total lack of response by casheirs department and numerous complaints on several forums about "non receipt of faxes" and other delays in processing.

Does anyone know if this group is having cashflow problems- the above and my own experiences of late seem to indicate something is wrong.

I made a withdrawal from Club Mardi Gras on 5/6. It is still showing in my history as pending. Their site appears down. I emailed them yesterday and with no response. They do not answer their phone.
Hello everyone!!

I have noticed some of these messages going around the forums and I am trying to help you all.

On response to our friend Sirius, we do not need to open more casinos to back up the winnings of our customers in the rest of The Vegas Strip Casinos. We happen to be growing and we just decided to give our customers another choice out of our list of casinos. Cleopatra's Casino is our latest baby and we will welcome everyone of you to try it. We have the 100% match up bonus up to $100 for new customers!!!!!

On regards to colly's comments; since I don't have a way of knowing who this person is to check on his/her account I would just say this:

The Vegas Strip Casinos has one of the best customer services of the online casinos. We have an extensive amount of happy customers. If right, we have grown fast and big in the last months with our newsletters and promotions, for everyone to enjoy and have fun. We have also gone through some growing pains as any company would. We have tried our best to provide bonuses within the minimum amount of time possible. Sometimes it could take more or less that others. However, we maintain our policy of giving them as soon as we can.

As a very temporarily policy we are processing payouts only once a week for Overnight Expresses and Western Unions and once a week for Credit Cards. This is due to some issues we are trying to solve to assure our fast and efficient service that we have always had.

Also, our bonus requirements have never changed from 2 to 3 to 4. We have the 2 times for intial bonuses offered by us in all of our sites (except for Cleopatra's Casino). We did changed from 3 to 4 times the requiered amount of wagers in our newsletters. However it is still a GREAT DEAL! : )

If any of you have any problem or questions regarding any of our Casinos please reply to me at: let me know your name and user name please.

Thank you all,

The Vegas Strip Casinos
Customer Service Supervisor.
Vegas Strip Locked My Account
I used to like playing at the Vegas Strip Casinos until recently. My husband and I both had our own accounts there for about 6 months. Whenever we get the Vegas Strip Weekly emails, we both email for the bonuses, and they give them to both of us. The Vegas Strip emails that we each receive do not say that the bonus is limited to once per household. Well, I went to login the other day only to find out that both of our accounts are locked. You would not believe the run around I have been given in trying to unlock these accounts. I was told numerous times that the accounts would be unlocked in a few minutes. Well, it's yet to happen. The latest I've been told is that now they will not be unlocked because we were both receiving bonuses. I asked why customer service has been giving us these bonuses for the last six months, and then out of the blue lock our accounts because of this. The only repsonse I've got back is that the casino has the right to change its policy at anytime, even if players aren't notified.

We both have about $1,000 total sitting in our locked accounts.
My faxform has been accepted, and I made a withdrawal tuesday. The overnight express was accepted wednesday, but the creditcard withdrawal was not processed thursday. I sent an email asking why, but they haven't replied.

I agree with all of you that the support is bad. At the moment I'm not even sure I will receive the overnight express even though it has been accepted.
I wrote the previous message. I haven't received a reply to my email, but friday evening my creditcard withdrawal was approved. I guess it was because of the email.

I'm not sure it is good support or bad support.
Vegas Strip casinos owe me $500 in total and they do not answer emails or phonecalls.

The money was withdrawn weeks ago and fax forms etc were all approved - but no sign of the money.

I am unable to access my accounts at VS casinos as all players from Denmark had their accounts locked almost two weeks ago - and they haven't been re-opened.

I am very sad to say this but Vegas Strip seems to be guilty of fraud.

There's a lot of rumours going on about Vegas strip especially in Denmark, and they aren't nice to tell you the least. I must incourage you, Rick to take some action very soon, allthough you claim that its out of you're hands while it's a local problem, but it has simply been too long now....
Have you noticed that these issues seem to run to a pattern?

First a casino with cash problems starts giving out bonuses which have not been sensibly structured but which attract players. They need cash flow.

Then the payouts start getting slower and slower.

Some BS excuse like an "audit" or "software problems" or "robot play" or "fraud attacks" usually follows which entails the players' payouts being frozen or their accounts locked for "bonus abuse". Strange - it doesn't stop the casino involved ACCEPTING money - just paying it out.

After that communications dry up - that is in terms of responses to the anxious emails of players.

Again you'll notice that the volume of email promo invites remains high - it's just responses to complaints which go unanswered. Meanwhile if you can get the Support or management to a phone they offer increasingly lame excuses for the situation before they shut down.

I am not saying that Vegas Strip is at this stage, but given the above patterns you can understand why the players who are owed are starting to feel insecure.
To Michael,
You should know if you are from Denmark, just check one of the forums on the local casino-pages...
Bankruptcy is the word!

Regards lars
Hi Bryan.

You will probably wait forever. I wrote a few emails to AmericaOnline last week, and I'm still waiting for any reply. And I really don't expect to get any.
Dear All,

I have been in contact with Vegas Strip casinos over the past week, and getting information from them is like pulling teeth. Today, instead of explaining what exactly was their problem, they sent me a form letter:

Dear Bryan:

First of all we will like to apologize for all the inconveniences you might have been through and at the same time thank you for your patience and comprehension!
In regards to your casino account, we regret to inform you that due to a warning that we have received from our processing bank and the Internet Gaming Council of an abundance of fraudulent activity, we have suspended all Casino accounts from the country of Denmark.

Please be assured that any and all pending credit card withdrawal requests will be processed in a timely manner.

We would like to thank you again for your patience and understanding. We will contact you as soon as we get any news from our processing bank and the Internet Gaming Council in case the suspension can be lifted.

Thank you again and have a great day!

Best Regards,

The Vegas Strip Casinos

****end of bullshit form letter****

Have a great day? They have blocked accounts so that players CANNOT ACCESS THEM even to request their deposits back.

I'll be discussing this on my radio show today which will be up in the next several hours. I'll let you know.

Needless to say, they will be admitted to our not recommended list.

Dear Bryan,
Thank you for your work, it's nice that someone, not Danish wants to help out in a case like this!
To the the letter that you received; I don't think it's the case, like you say...
Denmark is a very respectable civilized and democratic country, and there's absolutely no excuse for locking the accounts for all citizens in a whole country. They ought to be earning money enough!!! I still haven't received one word from these casinos, although they have "denied" me access to my accounts for THREE weeks!
I'm from Germany. My accounts are locked since May. I wrote a letter of complaint to Safebet. Here's their response (four weeks later):

<, SafeBet has contacted the gaming provider you indicated regarding your
<, dispute (#T5021 ). After reviewing the records provided by both you
<, and your gaming provider, SafeBet Organization, Inc. has come to the
<, following resolution. Your gaming provider has banned your entire
<, sub-net....the area in Germany where you are, is prone to chargebacks.
<, If the casino is keeping any of your original deposit, then you may
<, have a valid dispute and SafeBet can help you to get your money back.
<, In that case, please re-submit a dispute form on
<, Otherwise, the casino is free to choose their customers.
Hi Bryan.

I will also thank you for your work. At least they have now changed their explanation from some strange error in certain european countries, to locking out danish customers. But why did they have to lie ?

I'm still waiting for answers to my emails, and I'm still waiting for a check from America Online. Or are they only paying back original deposits ?

The Vegas Strip Casinos truly belong to the not recommended list !!!
Hi HoSeNtRaeGeR,

I'm in Germany also and opened an account at America Online Casino. I just haven't deposited any money yet since I have a feeling I won't see it until "Herbst"

Wo wohnen Sie? Ich wohn in Obenfranken bei Kronach.

Cleopatras owes me 774.75

They told me two weeks ago that they were sending out my payment. When i called today they said that it will be another week or so before i get my payment.

Mike,look at the OPA Statements section of this message board, where you will see many formal complaints regarding the casinos in the Vegas Strip group.

If you are a member of the OPA I would suggest you submit a complaint, assuming you have achieved no success with your direct discussions with the casino.

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