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Apr 17, 2005
anyone ever play here, i deposited and played with no bonus and cashed out 100, how long does this take to get to neteller and do they give the option to flush
Was just thinking of depositing at Vegas Splendido and did not find much info in the Search Function.

Liquidsoap, what was your actual experience with cashing in? Do they have a live chat and allow flushing and how long before it got to Neteller? Surprised you did not get any replies. People from this forum don't play there?
no they dont allow to flush or instant chat, cashouts are done in 48 hours 24 hour reverse period and 24 hours to do whatever, great casino, miester approved, i just signed up at there sister casino roxy another great casino
you should have no problems
Thanks for your quick reply, Liquidsoap. Think i'll give them a try and deposit there tonight.
Vegas Splendido is a "sister" casino to Roxy Palace. They will flush withdrawals, but only for VIP's. Other than that, it is a 48 hr pending period. Totally reputable casino with the same great service and support as Roxy Palace.

Sorry liquidsoap, I missed where you wrote the same thing I did....oops.
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kudos to Vegas Spledido

i always read all the T & C before making initial deposit. the T & C for Vegas Splendido were the clearest I have ever seen.

Thank you to whomever developed and wrote those. Hopefully others in the industry will have a look and then clarify their own T & C.
I've always found this group to be fair, however their ongoing promos sux imo. There are only to negs I have, one the cash out time frame and that their CSR's have to gain managment approval to do simple tasks that other CSR's take in their stride. (maybe that's changed now).
Their payout times change time to time.They write ''24-48 hours'.
Some times I been paid in 20 hours,some times it takes more than 48 hours.
But I can say all their games are fair.
I have deposited there twice; not in the last two months. The second time i had something to withdraw, smallish amount. The reverse withdrawal took at least 48 hours, as confirmed by their CS. When this period was over i received a slew of "cash out processing pending" emails destined for a number of different players with different cash out amounts. To be honest, wasn't too impressed by their customer service and decided not to play there anymore.
Roxy's Reverse Withdrawal time is 12hrs - wonder why VS is 48? Weekends its 72 at Roxy so maybe thats it?

48 hours - yeuck ;)
less than splendido

1st they make me wait about 72 hours in hopes of a reverse withdrawal i suppose........then they request they returned my deposit to neteller and snail mailed me a check for $20 despite my specific instructions to please pay me by neteller.......these guys are weak.

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