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Jun 9, 2011
Hello everyone!

I have no idea what to do but to post this on the internet and warn other people about this casino. On the 6th of June I registered at Vegas Slots casino and deposited 200 EUR for 200 EUR bonus. After playing some pokergames I was happy to make a withdrawal of 606 EUR after one day. Then they send me an email to send documents, which I have sent immediately.

Now I got the following ridiculous mail why they do not want to pay me my winnings:

Dear Roger,

Unfortunately your account has been locked by request of the Casino Management following an investigation into your account details.

This has been due to the fact that you have been highlighted as high risk player.

The management has decided to lock your account and pay the money that you have purchased but not your winnings.

We apologise for any inconvenience as this decision must remain final.




I have not broken any terms or conditions from their website, and they just say I am high risk player and do not want to pay me my winnings? (high risk, high reward?)Is that normal?

Suppose I lost on my deposit I would not hear anything, right? I have no idea what to do.

Roger Bruhe
Do they have a rep here? If so, contact him immediately and ask him to find out what the problem is?

I have never played there so don't have any info on them. Are they on the accredited list or the 'no can do' list here. If on the accredited list then if the rep can't help, then you need to PAB here. Make sure and read the PAB rules first.

This is just kinda generic help. Maybe someone here who does know something about them will post.

Hope it all works out for the good.
Sounds like another "spirit of the bonus" bullcrap ruling, as you played "pokergames" rather than slots, and beat their 100% to 200 bonus in doing so.

"bonus whores" are naturally "high risk" for the casino, but unless you broke the rules, they should pay up as advertised, and then change the rules so that it isn't so "easy" next time.

Double check the terms in case there are any sneaky rules they may have nailed you with.

Almost all problems like this come from new players winning from the welcome bonus.

If you have done this at quite a few casinos, you may have done this at sister casinos, and they may have decided "enough!" and voided these latest winnings. Again, if not against the rules, it is a "spirit of the bonus" issue, and accredited casinos are NOT allowed to void winnings on such grounds if they want to remain accredited.

First thing, read the PAB rules and consider making a complaint. If you are going to do this, make no further postings about this case.

You should also check for a casino rep, and send them a PM outlining your complaint. It is possible that you won't need to escalate this to a full PAB; still - no more posting about this otherwise this could close down your right to use the free PAB service here.

If they are "eCogra certified", you can make a complaint direct to eCogra, which may well get seen to faster than a PAB. Even if it fails, eCogra will tell you a little more about the issue, at least in general terms.

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