Vegas Slot, Vegas Country, etc emails ... ??


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Sep 12, 2004
Who owns these now? I'm getting hit hard and heavy -- almost daily -- with casino mails from these casinos where I signed up an account years ago, but also haven't played at in at least a couple of years... the emails come from the casinos, use my acct # and my real name.... I really wonder if they'd give me the sign up bonus now??? at all these casinos?? and if they did, and lightning struck and I won, could I cash out? Note that I have deposited at some of these in the past -- no clue which ones, but I'm sure I've deposited with at least a couple of them. The email contradicts itself

New marketing campaign? Anyone else getting these?

The emails are all the same...

Dear xxxx, vsrxxxxxxxxx

We are so happy to see that you have been
enjoying your time with us at the Vegas Slot!

With all the fun you're having it seems like you've forgotten
to collect your New player signup bonus
Why not drop by and pick it up today.

To claim your 100% Match Bonus, simply make your first ever deposit with your real download account and simply reply to this email
with 'first match bonus' in the subject line
your bonus will be awarded as soon as possible.

If you cannot remember your account details or if you need any
information, please contact us by phone or email

View our bonuses & loyalty programs.

Follow this link to see the deposits withdrawals options available.


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Aug 25, 2004
I received these emails a while ago from Vegas Country, Vegas Joker, and another one or two that I can't remember. I too had joined them several years ago and thought that I had deposited with them. I called the casinos to confirm the offers, and they were real. So, I deposited and received the bonuses. I cashed in and received payment on several of them.
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Oct 14, 2004
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This might happen if an account was registered, but never used. This might have something to do with the state of the industry, and they are trying to get more from existing players, or those who registered in the past, but did not play.

Terms will have changed though, and it would be worth checking that they do not exclude the pattern of play, or even the original currency, of the old account.

Apart from the SUB, the loyalty offers are crap, so may well not be worth the bother, except to "do" the SUB (risky).