Vegas slot tournament

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Apr 27, 2006
upstate NY
I am playing in my first at the Gold Coast in January and was curious how many here have played in a Vegas casino slot tournament? This particular one is a 2 day affair. Although I have been to sin city a number of times and watched others spin-to-win, I have never before participated. I am looking forward to it. Any suggestions will sure be welcomed. Thanks in advance and wish me luck!


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Nov 6, 2003
I have played in dozens of slot and VP tournaments and did quite well. I once won first & second prize at the Venetian. $15,000 for first and $4000 for second. Great fun! It's like a party for the 20 minutes you are playing...loud music and encouragement from the host or hostess. Ususlly a grand dinner the night of the awards ceremony. We had Robin Williams as a surprise guest one time and he did an hour standup and had full guest participation. Wonderful. Hope your's turns out to be loads of fun!