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Vegas Regal

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by cheetahwind, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. cheetahwind

    cheetahwind Wind Blade Maker MM

    Just a few silly points to point out which probably won't amount to much but am just curious on this idea.
    Has anyone ever noticed of all the rivals Vegas Regal seems to be the one offering the largest bonuses? Last I knew when a casino offers these kind of bonuses it's generally a sign of becoming rogue.
    Anyone know of what's required to open a rival casino? Can one honestly become rogue?
    The only reason why I ask is I've had pretty good luck with rockbet and mayan fortune, but was just being slightly intrigued by the bonuses offered by Vegas Regal. So I was just looking for feedback reguarding payouts and if there worth a deposit or not.
  2. goldfire

    goldfire Dormant account

    Yes,it's suspicious,and bonus rules unreasonable,I wish they will not to become next Rockbet.
  3. HeyMikey

    HeyMikey Dormant account PABnonaccred

    They appear to be generous bonuses, but actually they are some of the worst out there. All their big matching bonuses have a max cash out with large wagering requirements.
  4. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    I beg to differ on the opinion that Vegas Regal could be showing signs of rogueness simply because they offer large bonuses, at least for now that is. It is difficult, if not impossible, to meet their WRs which are normally 30x - 50x (D+B) so if you take the bonuses, however huge they may be it is very likely that you will bust out.

    The test of rogueness is normally based on whether the casino will pay out and whether they will use every excuse in the book to delay or confiscate payment. It does seem that VR pays out faster than most Rivals with the exception of Slotocash so unless that is used as a ploy to net the 'whales' I dont feel that they are anything close to being rogues. For the records, I normally take the huge bonuses to extend my playtime at VR but nearly every Monday, I play with their 10% cashback bonus.:D
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  5. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Comparing Vegas Regal and Rockbet is like comparing caviar with cr*p.

    I have found Vegas Regal to be very forthcoming in dealing with player issues and willing to reward loyalty unlike most Rival outfits. Nicolas (their rep at CM) is very active and does whatever he can to address concerns and questions regarding various aspects of the operation. The bonus terms arent the best I will agree (and I have raised this with Nicolas) but at least they actually give out free chips and they pay out within 48 hours. The fact that they give out lots of bonuses is no indication of impending rogueness IMO - if it were, they wouldnt be paying out on free chips and I know for a fact that they do.

    As for rockbet, play at your own risk and god help you if you have a problem at any stage as they wont lift a finger to help.
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  6. De Beuker

    De Beuker Dormant account

    Vegas Regal is one of the best Rivals out there.
    They offer all sorts of bonusses, its up to you if you claim one or not.
    But I've won several times from their 'impossible to win' offers and always got paid without a hassle.
    And they are very generous with freebies.:)
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  7. Balky

    Balky Senior Member

    Vegas Regal is a very good casino. In spite of the high WR their big bonus offers give you the opportunity to play very long without spending too much money. In case of a cashout they pay fast (for me only 1 time it took 5 days, mostly only 1 day). Unfortunately Rival bonus banned me, so I play only in Slotocash now, because playing the high variance games and Keno with no bonus is a hopeless adventure.

    Cheers Balky
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  8. eu_lowroller

    eu_lowroller Non-Gambler

    Yes, they have big bonuses, but their WR is really much to high and they have also a very bad max cashout.

    Even the 10% bonus have a WR of 10x and the 50% have a WR of 35x, so this is really not a big deal :(

    They have also a 200% with only 6x max cashout the bonus and a 300% bonus with only 3x max cashout the bonus, so there are much better rival offers out there for bonuses ;)
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  9. cheetahwind

    cheetahwind Wind Blade Maker MM

    That's cool, just didn't know. Just always looking for a 3rd rival to play in the case I run into an issue here and there.
    Thanks for the info guys.
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  10. actech

    actech Dormant account

    They sure have more ND chips avalible then any other rival. No rival even comes close to them. I just made first deposit, then i did not found any more bonuses that would made me deposit. But after this deposit they sended free chips like no other rival ever. I like that..........
  11. eu_lowroller

    eu_lowroller Non-Gambler

    I think this has nothing to do with a deposit, because i never made a deposit there and got also so much ND bonuses from them ;)

    birthday bonus 50.-, halloween bonus 66.- without any deposit made ever :)

    in the opposite another rival casinos gaved me even on my birthday not any bonuses, although i've made there very much deposits, so i know now certainly, where i have to play and maybe i try vegas regal out with a deposit without any bonus, because they should pay faster than another rival casinos with their 5 days minimum payout time wasting.

    that's why i normally stay to slotocash, because no rival casino pays out faster like them ;)
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  12. NicolasJohnson

    NicolasJohnson Dormant account

    You spoke and we listened. We made a 100% Cash able, no max cash out reload bonus just now, plus it only has 30x play through.

    Now, about being rogue, far from it. We want to keep a squeaky clean track record to attract the best players.

    Why so many bonuses and so little regard for denying payouts that we could deny based on our T&Cs? Because we want players to win. Why? Because players talk about it. And that leads to more business for us. :D

    We obviously have to deny payouts to egregious fraud cases (like charge backs, or player tampering with our software), but if a normal player wins on a free chip, and there is a duplicate account he/she never used and forgot about, we know there was no ill intent from the player. Why would we display ill-intent by using something like that to deny payment? :notworthy

    We want to have a Wall Mart mentality. Provide value. Make a little of each person, but have HUGE volume to compensate.

    Some casinos have the boutique approach, and if that works for them and their players that is fine, but we want the mass market, low profit margin business model. We are just starting this, but we are sure it will take on. And if we have a negative month... so what? We have good backing and are in it for the long run! :thumbsup:

    Kind Regards,
    Nicolas Johnson
    Regal Affiliates Manager
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  13. RobWin

    RobWin closed account

    Nicolas, Add Video Poker to that bonus and the 60X bonus playthru will be a good bonus IMO!

    You were also going to look into the fact that the casino manager did not add Video Poker to these bonuses?
  14. NicolasJohnson

    NicolasJohnson Dormant account

    Hi RobWin,

    The admin needs to be updated, but it will become an allowed game, with a multiplier :)

    Just give us a little time, it will get done, true to our word :notworthy

    Kind Regards,
    Nicolas Johnson
    Regal Affiliates Manager
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  15. eu_lowroller

    eu_lowroller Non-Gambler

    Btw. thanks for the ND 10.- bonus, i think, that now i have really much luck, but too bad, thatb there is a max cashout, but hey, it's for free :)
  16. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    Multipliers are okay but please dont make it 10x as with some other games. 3x would be more reasonable as this would already take it to 90x in total.
  17. eu_lowroller

    eu_lowroller Non-Gambler

    I've seen now, that i already made a 25.- deposit at Vegas Regal, but that was in March 2009, so i forgot it *lol*

    That's why i get so much ND bonuses ;)

    Btw. i've met now my WR on my 10 ND Bonus and have a balance of 260.- so i can at least earn some comp points :)
  18. goldfire

    goldfire Dormant account

    Sorry,Nicolas,you have a good attitude,and I get many bonus from Vegas Regal (of course furthermore special bonuses for china player),I must express thanks.
    But my friends have a unpleasant experiences at Vegas Regal, because he win with free chips and only make small deposits,he is bonus banned at Vegas Regal(rival) now.
    He last cashout,Vegas Regal requests him to re-submit documentation of identity information,he explained have send documentation and has been accepted few month ago,but five minutes later, he found that had no any promotions in his account. Contact casino, casino manager tell him need to make deposit again,ok, after he make a deposit again,the promotions come back in his account,he claim a ND bonus and play, few hours later,all promotions disappear from his account again ... feel ridiculous and boring, my friend can't trust them, he remove the software of casino, say good bye to Vegas Regal...
    lol :lolup:
  19. NicolasJohnson

    NicolasJohnson Dormant account

    I'll be sure to let the casino manager know not to go over board on the multiplier.

    About your friend, why don't you PM me his username?

    Kind Regards,
    Nicolas Johnson
    Regal Affiliates Manager
  20. goldfire

    goldfire Dormant account

    You are a respected man,Nicolas,I have pm you with his account,but he say will not come back to Vegas Regal,sorry.
    I think Vegas Regal casino isn't rogue casinos,but not standardized for management and rules of casino,that's easy to go wrong,and I hope you can pay attention to that.
    Vegas Regal Casino need to constantly improve yourself,I wish you can do it better.

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