Vegas Poker casino warning- something to ponder about


gambling addict
Sep 26, 2004
I just read the warning from MaxD about this casino and believe this is a time for reflection on the whole picture. Several years ago, this was a brand-new MG casino and was popular with members of this forum. Even bryan himself had a SS at the WS thread. It was also an accredited casino if I remember correctly. They had a rep here who resolved all issues. Now it seems they are on the verge of being rogued.

What I want to point out is that all casinos, whether they be 32RED, Intercasino or 3Dice, it is still possible that they can be in financial trouble during these turbulent times and will not be able to pay all winnings. Most of us have mentioned that it is safe to only play at casinos in the accredited list. This is still true but with the dwindling customer base and spiralling costs due to the weakness of the dollar many casinos will struggle and some will come down before you can say "BUST". Even when we continue to play at accredited casinos, I would suggest that we only deposit in small amounts and not to wait reaching a huge balance before withdrawing. Caution is the key to sustaining our play now.

Until such time as regulation of online casinos in USA is carried out, I think we should make a tight grip on our wallets to avoid being screwed.