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Dec 10, 2003
I have noticed that these casinos are on Casino Meister's ones he does not recommend. I am not sure why these casino would be on that List.Vegas poker and Vegas Joker are the best casinos I have played. I recently had an issue with a cash in at Vegas Joker and in no time did they take care of it and make sure I got my cashin. Any issue I have had ( and I have not had many with them) they take care of in less then 24 hours. This very kind woman Named Gwen has always stepped up A.S.A.P and corrected any bonus issue or anything that I would disagree with. No casino I have played ( and I play many of the casinos between 5000 to 7000 monthly ) has ever been so courteous and helpful.

Any mail I send to the casino Gwen answers it or speaks to me within minutes. Again I have never played a casino where they are so courteous and helpful and have someone like Gwen who jumps to the occasion quickly if you need anything. She is the greatest. I think it's time Vegas Joker and Vegas Poker are put back on the Highly recommended list. They are the number one casino and again I play 5000 to 7000 monthly for fun and played many others but always stick with Vegas poker and Joker because they don't compare to the other casinos. Most casinos Customer service are obnoxious and don't want to deal with anyone. At Vegas poker and Vegas Joker you have people Like Gwen taking care of any questions or issues you have and She makes sure that everything is fine and your having a good time. These casinos are the ones I highly recommend.
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May 29, 2004
That's good to hear Cheryl. The group have in the past been pretty good but went through a bit of a "downturn" last year in the way they were handling players and promotions. I think a large part of it was communication...or lack of.

There's no reason to suspect that they aren't "reputable" but the bar is high on Microgaming groups and while one can expect the games and play to be good and proper, the operation needs to be run well and tight and this is where they had some issues, particularly in the bonus department.

If memory serves, they got hit by a large fraud syndicate which is where the problems started. Unfortunately, while casinos have signup bonuses that are awarded prior to WR there will always be issues in my opinion.

On a side-note, I've started to notice more of a trend of offering "monthly match" bonuses from Month 1 to replace signup bonuses per s where the bonus is awarded after the WR is complete.