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May 25, 2005
Houston TX
I am getting sick and tired of getting email from this group that is directed to me(yes my name is acctually in the email) Saying deposit xx ammount get a bonus. If you unsubscribe then you wont get any emails that really mean you will get a bonus on a next deposit. And this is not the first time this has happened.

Well these emails or for first time players. Now tell me a group this large can't seperate the players from the non players. Sending me a email telling me that if i deposit $25 i will get $125. Even the suject line in the email says my name.

When you see a email of that nature you start to think "oh cool"

Vegeas partner lounge get your marketing act together and come up with something better. I am very sure there are programs that will allow you to get emails to players that have never made a deposit. And allow you to send promo emails to current players.

Mattysgirl - this is a regrettable situation and a less experienced player would infer such a direct named offer was valid and probably take it up. Then they would find out it is for new players only, that they do not qualify, and we'd find a post about it in the complaints section. This happens too frequently to be ignored and I am heartened that VPL is on top of it.

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