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Oct 19, 2003
I have been gambling online for almost 3 years now and use Firepay to fund my accounts with no problem. This all being said..I went to make a deposit at Vegas Palms and it wouldn't accept it. Called customer service and was told my Firepay account had been suspended and that I would have to speak with someone at Firepay. I explained to Mobik(sp) that it was not possible since I had just used Firepay with no problems but that I would call Firepay since Vegas Palms said they received this notification on August 31,2004.

I speak with Keith at Firepay who tells me there is nothing wrong with my Firepay account and Firepay would be more than welcome to inform the individual I was having problems with that there has never been a problem with my Firepay account.

I call Vegas Palms back again and feel like I was hitting a brick wall. Mobik(sp) was almost insisting that I was at fault and had done something wrong such as being overdrawn, cause this to have happened to my Firepay account. I explained what Keith from Firepay said and he said there was nothing he could do. I asked who I could speak with that would be able to assist me and he said no one because this was a notification they had received and it couldn't be changed.

I want to get this cleared up at Vegas Palms to see exactly how this could have happened. Who can I contact next?

If you've read this far...thank you...

if you have done nothing wrong with firepay, I dont understand why vegas palms would insist you have. Maybe there is some miscommunication between the casino and firepay.

i'd advise you call back firepay and ask their advice on what to do when a casino is saying your firepay account is "overdrawn" when in fact it isnt. Either that or email the casino while sending a copy of it to firepay support at the same time. Keep trying to get a manager at the casino also.

See what happens, if you still have trouble keep the thread updated.
Just an update...I've emailed the casino again along with the email address to Fortune Lounge provided here. I just would like to know how this could have happened and hopefully someone will straighten it out.

I will update as soon as I receive any more information...

Just a quick update...

Wim still found that there was a charge back on my Firepay account. He cleared that. However, I asked him if he could find out how I could have had a charge back when I've never been overdrawn.

Anyway, this may be something I never know how it happened. I do greatly appreciate how Wim stepped in and within a few hours had a response to me.


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