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I need Bryan's help with this casino. This casino is not paying my winnings because of my posting that they changed their bonus rules, even though I have met all their rules. I met the new 50% winning rule as well as the old rule, so there are no more acceptable excuses. When I asked the casino manager "Jack" what the excuse was this time, he talked about what he referred to as a negative posting as a basis for holding my check for $1200. If you read it, it really is not that bad. If they had processed the winnings, I would have ended up writing a good report on them if not excellent. Now we are looking at a report pretty close to that of First Live, as it looks like they don't pay winnings nor bonuses.

The VPC customer service rep agreed with me. Specifically this is what I said about them and it was the truth. They can't say it wasn't the truth. I even gave them credit for updating the website with their new rules so quickly after I notified them that it wasn't there.

I think we all have the right to post our negative as well as positive experiences on the online casinos. We need to know who to trust.
I'm working with a project to do just that writing up reviews on many casinos. I have 72 on my list, and am still working through them.

Can a casino take that right away from us? I think they should be working to resolve problems like any good casino would do. Is it right to withhold winnings because of postings? If you see the posting was not really bad at all.

Can Brian help in this regard?

Make sure you read the rules for earning the bonus. They generally offer 15% on an initial deposit. The rule on the website when I played said play the deposit + bonus. After winning and collecting, changed the rule to you must win 150% of the bonus. So I played some more and did just that. I'm still waiting for the check. I asked them to update their website and they did in the rules and regulations.

OK, so Brian contacted these Vegas Palace people and the problem was never resolved. Here is an update on what happened. Vegas Palace put me on a bad list because I posted here. Then I played at Winward Casino, made a $500 deposit, the software accepted the deposit. I played very few hands of black jack, 29 $5 hands, at which point the software dropped the balance to $2.50 and immediately knocked me out. Then I couldn't log back-in. Then I got an email at Winward Casino saying that they didn't accept my deposit because I was on a bad list. I emailed them about the situation specifically notifying them about what happened with Vegas Palace Casino. Specifying that I had played over 100 casinos and besides First Live this was the only problem. So I know that Vegas Palace Casino is the source of my being on the bad list. I am waiting for a response from that casino on that matter to see if they are a good casino or actually Vegas Palace under a different name. I can certainly understand them doing something like this if someone is on a bad list. They would have reason to be concerned. But if they knock you out like that they should either refund you your deposit or the balance you had at the time. Not just take your whole deposit. That is dishonest. I will let you know if this casino replies, and will post their reply here.

Waiting for an explanation ..................
I might need Brians help on this one, we'll see if they respond and how.

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